Boost Your Creativity With 30 Circles!

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A 3 minute activity to spark creativity.

It's no wonder the prime time for learning is during childhood. We learn best by playing, discovery, adventuring, and natural curiosity. Our brains are open and more receptive to absorbing information when we are small, so it makes sense that the most opportune time to learn new languages is before the age of 12.

Sometimes we trade play for the responsibilities of adulting, but look at creativity as a talent or skill: think of it as a muscle you can work. Exercising creativity expands your capacity for learning and enjoying what you are doing creates new neural connections in the brain.

Access and unlock new avenues of inspiration through play! 30 Circles is a perfect warm-up tool to boost your creativity before a project, blog post, exam, essay, or anytime you want an inspirational boost to your imagination!

Warm-ups like 30 circles can also be used when conducting workshops or classes that do not necessarily revolve around creativity or artistic expression. 30 Circles does force you to relieve writers block, but it also fosters the communication of ideas, helps you practice critical thinking, and inspires you to think out of the box.

Try it now. Print this out or upload it into your favorite drawing app on your device.

Set a timer for three minutes.

Sketch in as many of the circles as you can before the timer runs out!

The first few are easy, but after you get past the basketballs, wheels and suns, it starts getting more difficult and forces you to think outside the box, er rather, circle ;)

When the timer dings you are ready to create or write, and you'll be amazed at how the 30 Circle warm up has helped!

Try it now! Feel free to share your creations in the comments!

Write on Steemit! And be sure to resteem this to your followers to help boost their creativity. Sharing is caring :)

With love, light, and good mojo


I love you guys!

I appreciate your support :)


8 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Creativity

  1. Learn Through Collaboration. Curiosity will lead you to creativity.
  2. Do Something You Love.
  3. Find Inspiration From Other Industries. Research what businesses are dominating. Why.
  4. Unplug (Or Just Do Nothing)
  5. Walk.
  6. Set the Right Mood.
  7. Use the Six Thinking Hats Technique.
  8. Ask For Advice or Feedback.

Wel done and perfect work @arbitrarykitten mam...

I support you in everything !. My mother said we were like sponges, we absorb everything.

la niñes, a beautiful scenario full of learning.

I did not know anything about doing the 30 circles.

Believe me, I'll try to see how it works

We are very much like sponges, especially when small!

Yes! Try it, and let me know how it works!

You always have great tips for sparking ideas it seems, I hadn't seen or heard of this one before now, I plan on giving it a shot soon.
Thanks for the idea. Hope you are feeling better.

It's amazing how many things you find when you homeschool :) Like this. This is something we started using years ago, and I never even thought to share it because it's just one of those things we do, you know? But it is super fun, and it works!

@arbitrarykitten really an interesting way of mental excerise. Trying it on kids do help them tjinking out the box...which helps them in future as well.. Thanks for guiding us with such an incredible way...i will definatelly try on my little drawing queen...👍...looking for other way as well...need more such innovative ways.......👌...rebloggi g it as well...🙏


Glad it's helpful, let me know how the mini queen likes it :)

@arbitrarykitten - Just checking in to see that you are good hon... HUGS

Hi hun ❤ I'm kicking and screaming and not letting this accident keep me down!

(While quietly resting and forcing myself to take it easy, lol)

Thank you so much for checking on me sweetheart, it truly means a lot 😊

Very interesting. I think I'm going to have to try this. I love exercises like this.

Awesome! That's great to hear :) I'll be posting more as I remember them :)

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nice post friend

Nice task, I will take this challenge, I will also give it to my daughter. Knowing my daughter she will probably beat me in five minutes. (At least she ll make me proud)

Ah, a little prodigy aye?

Force is strong in the young one :)

I have a lot of "circly" things running in my mind right now. While I am blocking those thoughts, I am having this print out taken and will take to it...

Sweet! Let me know how it works, or better yet- share in the comments!

Your idea is different from everyone, that means you are one of the many.

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That's a definitely interesting idea. I should try it out later. It seems like a rather simple task. My question with this is that it may not be that repeatable; you will start getting similar results every time you perform the task -- although I can only assume this and not know for a fact.

When I do this exercise, of course a few of the same sketches make themselves pop up onto the paper, lol, but my mind tries to come up with new ways of drawing them, as well as new things to draw. It's like my creativity is challenging itself ;)

What a cool idea! I'm defiantly going to try this. Thank you.

Awesome! Thanks :)

What a fabulous idea! I'd never heard of this before, but I am definitely ready to try it when I get stuck again! Thanks for sharing this great tip with #steemitbloggers 😊

Kitty girl!!!

So happy it's motivational for you! Let me know how it works out :)

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I used to do something similar to this exercise, which involved only 20 circles. I tried to draw a different character or face for each circle. It was quite fun and it pushed me to draw even more. I'll have to try it with 30 circles now. ;0)

It works so well doesn't it?! And the cool thing is it doesn't only help with drawing- it helps before anything where you may need to be creative!

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That's astonishing. I think it's a great exercise. Im not so good in this, but I sure will try it.

Yes try it, it doesn't matter how good you think you are at it, it matters how it makes you more creative :)

Your idea is different from everyone, that means you are one of the many.thanks @youarbitrarykitten

This seems perfect for a morning routine! I liked how you compared creativity to a muscle because both can diminish with lack of use and both can lead to a fulfilling life if you maintain them.

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