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When we were children there were not these problems as we could play outside and be safe, but life has become so different now that these things are so important. We are really living in a different scary era now. 
Teach your child what to do when they think they have lost you in a shopping complex or where there are many people. 
There are so many things you can teach little ones but one of the most important ones I think is that you have to have a safety word that a child should ask if someone says they know where his or her mother is. 

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It must be an easy safety word for them to remember, if someone says come with me, teach them to run to the nearest people who have to be in a group and let the child tell them that this person wants him or her to go with them. 

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When the child just feel lost teach them to go to someone with children like a mother and say I am lost can you help me please. 
Write your name and telephone number on the inside of their shoe flap and let them show it to the lady they had gone to.

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 She can then phone you and that will help both of you.
 Also teach your child to call out your real name, they should know your name and not say mommy, as you might not hear him or her. 

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Make a nice bracelet with your name and number on the bracelet so that people can know how to get hold of you. We all get the fright of our life if we lose a child even for a few seconds, but that can really cause trauma for you and the child. Stay calm because you know that you did do everything possible for someone to find you. 

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Then it is so important to have trial runs at home so that your child knows exactly how to handle the situation. You can ask a friend to help as if the friend is unknown to the child. 

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Teach your child to stay in one place all the time and not start walking around, because then they can really get lost in a mall. 
It is a terrible feeling to lose a child. My son fell asleep one day under a lot of dresses, and I nearly died. Typical man he must have been tired of me trying on things and decided to lie down and sleep. He was only four and I normally never took my eyes off my children in a shop, so that was my fault.
So please we are living in an era where children should be watched like hawks. We must really train them to be aware of things. Never scare a child but make sure that you explain to them that these things can happen and what to do when they do. 

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Have conversations with them to make them realise that the chances are minimum but not impossible. 
So remember to write your number on them or their shoes. Also add your real name to that number and it will definitely help tremendously. 
Remember there are some nasty people out there and really try never to take your eyes off your children. 

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I think all teachers should also tell children all these things so that their mothers can do the same. I hope this made sense to you and have a wonderful day from me with no lost children.  


Nice educative and informative article @bigbear. i will definitely "try this at home".

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We lost a daughter in a department shop when she was about 2 1/2 - 3.
We turned around and she had disappeared
Instant panic.
.We turned again and she re-appeared, complete with a well used potty that the shop had on display, and a smile from ear to ear, and se was saying,
Good girl, Mummy, Good girl"

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