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  As someone who has dealt with some kidney problems from the age of 16, I must say it was by far one of the most excruciating pains I've ever experienced. Though my kidney pain came from them being inflamed, it was quite painful, especially because it's a recurring problem that I have. It's very hard trying to make sure that I avoid whatever it is that triggers the inflammation because I don't know what triggers it. I honestly can't even fathom experiencing even more sever kidney problems!

Before dealing with my kidney problem, I never really bothered to know more about kidneys and how crucial it is to keep them in great condition. After experiencing it you'll definitely will want to change things. 

So what are kidneys? Kidneys are bean-shaped organs just above the waist and the functions of the kidneys is to filter blood and form urine. The nephron is the basic structural and functional unit of the kidney. Its top function is to regulate the concentration of water and soluble substances like sodium salts by filtering the blood, reabsorbing what is needed and excreting the rest as urine and there are about 1 million nephrons in each kidney and act as tiny filters of the blood. 

How does this all happen? 

  •  First the blood enters the kidney through the renal artery, which branches into capillaries (which are very small blood vessels located within the tissues of the body that transport blood from arteries to veins). 
  •  Second the filtered substances pass to the renal tubule of the nephron. 
  • Third the fluid passes to a collecting duct, which reabsorbs some of the water and returns it to the bloodstream. The fluid that remains in the collecting duct is urine.  


There are quite a few things we digest that end up harming our kidneys such as consuming an excessive amount of salt and caffeine, drinking too much alcohol, eating too much meat, not staying hydrated etc. A person can live a happy healthy life with just one kidney. But that one kidney must be healthy to maintain life.

Signs of unhealthy kidneys: 

  • Experiencing pain in the abdominal area.
  • Fishy and sweet smelling urine.
  • Urine colour such as orange, red, orange, pink, black and brown. 
  • Loss of appetite. 

A person can live a happy healthy life with just one kidney. But that one kidney must be healthy to maintain life. Diseases that threaten the health and functioning of the kidneys include kidney stones, infections and diabetes.  Kidney stones are mineral crystals that form in urine inside the kidney, they may be extremely painful. If they block a ureter, they have to be removed so that the urine can leave the kidney can be excreted.  

Bacterial infections of the urinary tract, especially the bladder, are very common. They can be treated with antibiotics and if they are untreated it can lead to kidney damage.· With diabetes, the small blood vessels in the body are injured and when they are injured your kidneys cannot clean your blood properly. Your body will retain more water and salt than it should, which can result in weight gain and ankle swelling as well as waste materials building up in your blood.

Diabetes also may cause damage to nerves in your body. Which can cause difficulty in emptying your bladder. The pressure resulting from your full bladder can back up and injure the kidneys. Also, if urine remains in your bladder for a long time, you can develop an infection from the rapid growth of bacteria in urine that has a high sugar level. Which is something nobody wants to deal with.

A few fruits and veggies that help keep your kidneys healthy: 

  • Kale
  • Cranberries
  • Cauliflower 
  • Red bell peppers
  • Raspberries
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Garlic 
  • Cherries
  • Cabbage
  • Onions 
  • Blueberries
  • Papaya
  • Potatoes
  • Parsley 

Buchu tea is also great for your kidneys and many other health problems.  

Facts about kidneys:

  • The kidneys activate vitamin D in our bodies!
  • The kidneys filter blood about 400 times a day!
  • The first successful human kidney transplant was in 1954. 
  • The blood flow in the kidneys is higher than the blood flow in the heart, liver and brain!
  • Half of one kidney can perform the job of two kidneys!
  • The kidneys filter about 1,900 litres of blood a day.
  • Kidney disease cannot be reversed but its progression can be slowed down.
  • There's a man in Latvia who has 4 kidneys!

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If it's not too personal, what specific kinds of kidney problems did you have? I've dealt with kidney stones, once, and a renal infection, once, and both problems caused that "excruciating pain" you're talking about. But it would be interesting to know what you did to deal with the pain, and how you got past the kidney problem. Thank you.

Well mine was just the inflammation of my kidneys and that for me was excruciating that's why I say that I can't even imagine going through even more severe kidney problems. I actually went to the doctor and he gave me some strong pain tablets and I had cranberry juice and buchu tea, which really helped me. I also started getting some pain yesterday and instead of taking my pain tablets which would've knocked me out all day, I just had some of the buchu tea and the cranberry juice and I feel good.

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