Early childhood education (ECD) is an education prior to the primary education which is an attempt coaching intended for children from birth up to the age of six years are accomplished by providing educational stimuli in order to assist the growth and development of the physical, spiritual child. The goal is that the child has the readiness to enter the next level of education held in formal, non-formal and informal.


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Education in early childhood is one form of organization of education that focuses on laying the foundation toward growth should reach 6 (six) developments: The first development of religion and morals, both physical motor, the three cognitive, four languages, the five social-emotional, and sixth according to the unique art and stages of development of the appropriate age group of children in its path at an early age.

Here are two objectives convening of early childhood education, namely:

First Goal: to establish Indonesian children have quality, that children who grow and develop in accordance with the child's developmental level, so it has the optimal readiness when entering primary education as well as to navigate life in adulthood.

Second Objective: to help prepare your child achieve academic readiness to learn at school, so as to reduce school dropout rates and are also able to compete fairly in the next education level.


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Early childhood development that includes the development of physical, motor, cognitive, language, emotional, and social development is need education and guidance from their parents. Because each child's development is highly dependent environment where the child lives. Because are exist three environments that greatly affects very young children an early age. The first family neighborhood , the second educational environmen , the three communities neighborhood.


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