American Education: Teaching Kids or Criminal Conspiracy?

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This is not an anti-education fact it's anything but. I'm very much pro-education providing that by education you mean teaching children. I've written many times that I believe most teachers are very good people whose hands have been tied... as are most of the good people on local school boards. Unfortunately, under the administration of Jimmy Carter in the late 1970's education was hijacked by the Federal Government, driven by what I consider a criminal conspiracy to defraud the taxpayers by the politically powerful teachers union (NEA) who have an agenda that as I will show IS very much anti-education and has been from the very beginning. I've been researching this for over 20 years (in fact most of this comes from a book I was working on 20 years ago) and will, in the next few posts, show what I found.

What if the American public education was never intended to perform the function we all assume that it is, but a mechanism for indoctrination Humanists. In fact Horace Mann, widely regarded as the "Father of American Education" in his own words states the real intentions he had in mind when he designed it. Mann's intent was to, "...establish a new religion, with the state as its true church, and education as its Messiah." He goes on to say:

"What the church has been for medieval man the public school
must become for democratic and rational man. God will be
replaced by the concept of the public good...The common
schools... shall create a more far-seeing intelligence and a
pure morality than has ever existed among communities of men."

John Dewey, psychologist, widely given credit for modern education in America believed that the purpose of the public school system was to be "social unification" and "to promote state consciousness." This has been the intent of the Humanists that control the school system all along. John Dunphy wrote in the Humanist in 1983: " "The classroom must and will become an arena of conflict between the old and thenew- the rotting corpse of Christianity, together with all its
adjacent evils and misery, and the new faith of humanism." These are the principles underlying the American public education system, infiltration and indoctrination... creating good little global citizens rather than critical thought- in fact, critical thought is inimical to the Humanist purview.

Dr Chester Price professor of Education and Psychiatry at Harvard goes even further stating: "Every child in America entering school at age five is mentally ill because he comes to school with certain
allegiances toward our founding fathers, toward our elected officials, toward his parents, toward a belief in a supernatural being, toward the sovereignty of this nation as a separate entity. It's up to you teachers to make all of these sick children well by creating the international children of the future." This was in a speech given at the International Education Seminar in 1973.

Charles Sykes, Senior Fellow at the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute and specialist in educational issues, concludes ,"that it is no longer the duty of schools to educate. Instead the focus has been shifted by the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development of the NEA who call for
"...refocusing the schools away from intellectual pursuits to a new agenda of 'life adjustment.' In the new school, social values were given far more weight than traditional subject matter. From now on, the (NEA) yearbook declared, the school must put 'human relationships first' and must provide 'a school environment where the satisfactory adjustment of all pupils is of primary

Given that the Humanist philosophy, introduced into education by Mann and Dewey and later
incorporated into NEA policy, is one of Statism- satisfactory adjustment must merely be a polite euphemism for brainwashing children into accepting an alien set of norms. This is the worst
form of child abuse imaginable. In this case, these alien norms would necessarily be the Global Statism advocated by Humanists. The Humanist programs embraced by the NEA and by extension the educational infrastructure should by now be evident- state sponsored child abuse. We must now examine how they are able to get these programs and policies implemented.
The NEA possesses an inordinate amount of political power. It has been characterized by Charlene K. Haar, President of the prestigious Education Policy Institute and teacher of 11 years, as "a huge political machine-far larger and more powerful than most people know... [who] uses deceptive tactics to make policymakers and members of the public accept their agenda." Ms. Haar further asserts that "[a]t the local, state and national level, NEA revenues are about $1 billion every year (1996 figures) and it spends most of that money on political programs, political consulting, communications with political messages [the acquisition and manipulation of information], and various campaign activities. [Moreover], NEA-PAC is nearly a $6 million operation; in addition, a network of NEA state and local affiliate political action committees (PAC's), pour millions into races at every level of government; after all buying allegiances pays off."

Americans care deeply for their young people... This "weakness" is not lost upon the pseudo-advocates of the NEA. Just as the competent pitchman will incorporate children's programs into his pitch, the NEA, according to the EPI study, " deceitful even to its own members. Catchy advertising and warm fuzzy pictures are paid-for images which create another myth, that unions care about kids.
Unions don't care for children! If you doubt this, look at the new business items- review the candidate questionnaires. They are all about MONEY- how to get more." Moreover, the EPI study posits that "[b]y successfully defining the education reform debate in 'care-more pay-more' terms instead of outcomes and accountability, the NEA is trying to convince politicians and the public, that more money must be spent for education. In fact, thousands of NEA officers and staff
are paid over $100,000 a year in salary and benefits. They are the beneficiaries of NEA programs; the children of the United States [and by extension their families] are the losers."

It should be clear that the NEA does not have the interest of children at heart, but something far more nefarious (not to mention lucrative). More later.

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Excellent post. Resteemed.

Thank you my friend! This was all on an old floppy disc that I couldn't read (WP 6.0 for DOS). It began with research into the Clintons over 20 years ago and found this wealth of stuff. Hillary helped write the UN Treaty on the Rights of the Child (which will be in the next post). As with everything else concerning Bill & Hill one thing lead to another which lead to something else!

I made reference to you in the metal post I wrote last night. You should at least check out the holy wars review those guys did. Pretty entertaining.

I'm going to watch several (at least) Starting with Slayer, Tool, then Holy Wars! I don't know if you're into the UFO thing or not... I took some pics of the Moon last night and there was this round object that kept changing location.

I'm interested in everything. I have seen weird things I can't explain before. That doesn't mean there was no explanation, I just didn't have one.

UFO = Unidentified Flying Object. So if I say it is an "alien craft" then technically it is no longer a UFO because I just identified it. :P

No I've seen some stuff I don't know what it was before. I like knowing about anything and everything and just simply try to use reason and what pieces of knowledge I have.

UFOs were one of my favorite areas of interest growing up along with any crypozoology or paranormal type subjects. :) I still have interest.

I actually have interest in MOST topics. Sports is one of those that I have no interest in.

If you check my post today, you'll see what I mean. I took pictures of the moon and there is a round object that shows up in different spots. The bottom 2 photos I took within a minute of each other, all I did was switch filters. The weird part was that nothing but the moon was viewable by the naked eye.

Yeah I looked at it already and up voted it. I don't know what it is. Did you ever see the strange objects near the sun that sometimes show up....? That is some weirdness.

Yeah... Sun devils or something like that. I saw the infamous "Phoenix Lights" when I was there in '96 too. But like I said these you couldn't see with the naked eye

Excellent post!

Reminds me of John Taylor Gatto

Gatto is an excellent source when investigating education as is Charlotte Isebert. (I'm sure I spelled that wrong)

If the Humanist drivel seem uncannily similar to the policies and doctrines of the French Revolution and the consequent Terror, it is because they are but echoes of the original Revolution.

The echoes of the French Revolution, lead by the new Western literati, has had far reaching consequences for the human race. Much of the woes of modern society can be traced back to the blood orgies of the ill-educated, over-emotional French peasants revolting against their rightful lords and masters, guided by the drivel of the so-called "enlightened" Western intellectuals. Every populist "revolution" from fascism to communism, and to a lesser extent, the infinite populist Westphalian semi-states that rise and fall daily in the African continent are but ripples generated by the collapse of the human soul during the French Revolution. To this day, the French unthinkingly sing the La Marseillaise, while condemning the Germans for their "aggressive" Deutschland Lied.

It has roots going back to Descartes and later people like Hume in the "British Enlightenment" as well.

Indeed you are right. Education has been hijacked. Teacher end up being brainwashed by socialist-communist professors. This has been the case for about 100 years. We are now feeling the results of it as it has tricked down to the pupils. Teacher are mostly good people. As I said they have been brainwashed through the colleges and universities. They are also forced into doing what the government says or else they do not receive funding. It is like black mail or extortion. You are perceptive to T socialism and humanism. And sadly it is working. Look at our youth today. They went for Bernie Sanders a socialist democrat. They would also be more apt to support a global warming tax for environment purposes. Their support will usher in the global government that the New World Order so wants. Yes it is a conspiracy and criminal. We are not supposed to know. This article you wrote needs to go public and viral. Thank you for being a truth teller in a world of lies. We appreciate you.

Thanks Buddy... also the test to get certified as a teacher is nothing more than a political litmus test to weed out the "unfit." By the way, this is all 20 years old- I found it while investigating the ties between the Clintons, the NEA, UN... need I go further???

"...establish a new religion, with the state as its true church, and education as its Messiah."

Bone chilling quote.
And very true, I'm afraid. You can see that in every classroom, whatever the age of the child. I am not an American, but I have American friends, and I've heard it said time and again that they are not allowed to speak their mind as long as their opinions differ from that approved by the state.
School is an indoctrination center, as George Carlin says...
And I'm afraid it's not unique to the States either. Everywhere in this world, you find this sad state of affairs.

And that's from the father of Am ed. This is all stuff I uncovered 20 years ago when investigating the Clintons. The NEA were one of the biggest donors to both 1992 &1996 campaigns.

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