My School Project: Knowing the Menstrual Cycle

Friends of @steemit, today I want to share with you. The project we are developing in class, I study 4th Grade of Basic Primary Education, and I love to learn.

The title of my Project: Knowing the Menstrual Cycle. This has been a topic of great interest to me because I am a woman and according to what my mother explains, I need to understand it because my period will come to me.


In class we have discussed the topic with the teacher and my classmates and I can leave here a summary:

A normal menstrual cycle is a very important factor for conception. The monthly cycle indicates the maturation and release of the ovule, as well as the preparation of the uterus to receive a fertilized egg.

The hormones produced during the menstrual cycle monitor and control the processes in the body that lead to pregnancy.

On the first day of the cycle, when menstruation begins, the endometrium of the last cycle is removed along with the unfertilized egg.

The standard cycle lasts approximately 28 days, where the sacred lasts approximately 1 to 5 days, after the menstruation is removed we have 6 days before starting to produce ovules for 5 days. Then we will have approximately 12 more days before the new period. As I prepared it on my exhibition sheet.


During the menstrual cycle we have fertile days and infertile days, ovulation days and menstruation days.

Oh after knowing all this I consider that the days of the woman are difficult and yet it is admirable how they manage to do so many things every month.