My personal motivation speeches with students!

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As some of you may already know, I am working as an English teacher in a private school. I have got lots of students who are in different ages and levels. Even though it is a bit tiring from time to time, I still like my job and share my experiences here. One of the most serious problems I have to deal at work is the lack of motivation that I observe in my students. It is sad, but it sometimes happens.

This is not something new. I think, many educators are facing with problem and we all try to find some solutions to get them back in lesson. Time is one of the key words that I prefer to wake my students up. I usually try to create awareness about the importance of time. Some of them come to morning lessons and they can do something else in this precious time. If they want to use their time wisely, they should be more interested in lesson.




Private school means paying money. Most of my students are high school or university students which means that their families are the one who pay for their English education. When I see them unmotivated or too relaxed, I kindly remind them that they all pay money for their education here. If they study and show any interest in learning the language, they just waste their money.

This way of speech work on students who are working somewhere. They know that it is not easy to earn money, but it is super easy to spend it. When I remind them how hard they work to earn the money they are paying for education, I usually see them paying more attention to our language school, this is one of the common ways I prefer to motivate them my students.



Career goals

Since my target group is young people, talking about career goals is another important key to help them realize why they should be motivated in learning the language I am teaching. When you explain them the importance of the language or the subject they are learning , they might be more interested and enthusiastic in lesson. This really works in my case as I am teaching English

Your students should know that the world is changing every day. If they want to be successful in this challenging life, they should be acknowledged about the fact that all things including language they are learning will shape their future. To sum up, talking about future life and the way to career, your students are likely to be interested in your lesson.



International opportunities

Learning a language means opening the doors to lots of new things in your life. Learning a language means having the chance of going out of your country. If you create awareness about international studies and opportunities, your students may start dreaming about them. When they start dreaming, they will understand that working is hard really important to achieve their dreams.

I usually have long speeches about programs I have experienced like Erasmus and volunteering abroad. When I see the light in their eyes, I can feel that my speeches work on them. Soon, they start searching about them and realize that they should wake up and study harder to experience the things that I have experienced by myself.



My speeches usually work on my students. When I see them motivated in learning, I feel motivated in teaching. It is hard to work with students who don't know why they are in class. I hope, your students are always interested in having lesson with you.

As a proud member of @Sndbox, I support @steemiteducation community since they work a lot to help people who put effort in creating valuable contents on Steemit platform. Thank you for reading and Steem on!



a very useful motivation ..
Thank you friend.
Redgars @jefryagooners

Every word motivates my spirit.
People must read this.

thank you so much :)

Pidato adalah strategi yang sangat penting untuk membuat siswa termotivasi di kelas, saya membayangkan sebuah kelas tanpa ucapan dan para siswa akhirnya tidur di kelas, saya mengucapkan selamat kepada Anda untuk publikasi ini.

Motivating students is such an important role of teachers. I find more and more we are seeing students who are unmotivated and give up easily. It is very difficult to teach if we don't first find a way to motivate our students. Thank you for your efforts.

thank you so much for support, @broncofan99

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