The Origin of Durian Runtuh Village #English Narrative Text

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The Origin of Durian Runtuh Village
Written by @udasfrow

Once upon a time, there was a big durian tree. It belonged to Tok Dalang. Every year, the three produced its fruits in considerable amount of number. The durians from this tree were very big, sweet and fragrant. Everybody in the vullage likes it a lot. In every fructify season, villagers visited Tok Dalang just to taste the fruits.

Until one day, in which the durian tree only produced just one fruit. However, this one and only durian fruit was extremely big. It was almost as big as the giant basket ball. These situations made the villagers were not patient and without even asking permission from Tok Dalang they directly reach and climbed the tree at the same time. They fought and punched each other just for the durians.

Tok Dalang told them to share and be patient but they ignored his advice. Tok Dalang was very upset and fed up. He took the machete and then cut the tree until it fell down. The villagers were shocked. That day was the last day they could taste the durians from the tree. Since that day, the village started to be named as Durian Runtuh Village.

*Moral Value: Be patient and don't be greedy !


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