my first adventure will tell you guys about SPIDERS

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when i was young i always play with spider it makes me fell better when my spider win in
a battle. like in these image these photo was taken around January 15-20 i dont remember it.
by the way it takes out my stress and im enjoying it. :)
tools must bring when hunting spiders are:
1 flash light or torch
2 spider cage "lol" or puspro
3 water
4 and the most important thing to bring is your friend whom you can trust
for short katong musokol ug pinaaka sa halas!!! hhahahahaha


i also sell spiders as low as 5-50 pesos it depends on who's buying and sense young i did not buy spider maybe there are times that i bought one but as far as i can remember i did not do so.


the reason isi enjoy hunting it (mas ganahan ko mangiwag). cause the felling when i saw rare types of spider or big ones
it gives me joy,happiness, glad. i dont know how to express it but my tired just leap away even im so exhausted i can recharge when i saw one.


but the "danger is always lurking anywhere you go" HAHAHAHA {buot2x rani nga quote. quote bani o unsa ni nga pulong uy} i frequently cross with some dangerous creature such as snake's, scorpion and leach from these three creatures obviously im scared at snakes!!! they are very active at night cause its there time for hunt! but most of the snakes are scared of fire then will not go to your area but if the snake is a sleep then it wont budge, and when you step on them for sure you will go to heaven.

dont forget to follow me and ask for some adventure stuff maybe i can answer it :) :) GOOD day everyone!


Upvoted ☝ Have a great day!

Nice ka frans. Nag improve na gyud. Hehehehe

hahaha na salagmaan rana

Upvoted. Haha Nice adventure @rovel1996.

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