Sure business for 4-5 yrs.

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These type of plan is for ninjas ONLY!
And these is my own hypothesis which is a very big risk already!
This plan is applicable for students who commute everyday just like me,
But I will not recommend these to you guys!
Cause I love you all. (char lng)

Take note:

There is a very HIGH risk on it. let me say it again "HIGH RISK!!"

then Let me ask you first.
Do you guys know what "KABIT" is?

If YES no need to bother yourself to read those notes Below.
But if you DON'T know, I advice you to read these following.

This "KABIT" thing is similar to a SUICIDE!
Cause these type of action is where you are hanging at the back side of a jeepney or any vehicles. Such as Tricycle, Jeep, Jeeplane, Airplane and even Ship if you want to.
Which will cost your life at any moment, that's reason why "KABIT" here in the Philippines is "BAWAL"

(Sorry guys hurot na gyud ako ENGLISH)

#ninja #lifeistooshort #

Then let's Begin!
When you KABIT into a jeepney there will be a discount in your fare 😆😆. Instead of 25 pesos it will cost you 10 pesos. In dollar it might be around $0.51 for regular fare and for KABIT It will be around $0.20 I think I'm not too sure.

You will gain 15 pesos in every travel.
And when you travel back and forth, it will becomes 30 pesos.
In one weak you will gain 150 pesos.
And in one month you will gain 600 pesos.
So in one semester you will gain 3,000.

What if you study Electrical Technology Management (BSETM), Just like me. It will take 4yrs to finish your course.
In 1 year it contains 2 semesters so a total of 8 semesters, in other words a big sum of money! 💰
You will gain a total amount of 26,000 pesos.

And if you will not graduate in 4 yrs just like me.
Then it means "you're saving money!" Hahahhahahahahhaahha just kidding :P.

Always remember

that's all thank you! HOPE YOU LIKE IT.


Heeehehehe we must still have hope ...kaya rana brad!

Wow! Payaman😂😂

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