In-N-Out Burger: Pants Off Buns Out 🍔

in #steemitfoods2 months ago

I don't know you guys have In-N-Out but they are always big trouble in my neighborhood. Chick-fil-A is a huge problem too because...

Video shows fight in drive-thru line at new Aurora In-N-Out

Yes, people fight over a burger and also cause a huge traffic!!! ugh
I think their burger is alright, I mean it's pretty good for a fast food.
I used to go there for a not so secret off the menu item, "Animal Style"


I honestly don't remember what is animal style or why it's animal...
Do you want to out your buns 🍑 for these buns 🍔?
Do you want to wait in line for 14 hours for these?
Not worth it!
OMG peoples... they just crazy pants.


I hate to wait in line... if it is more than 15 minuts, I will leave and go somewhere else better 🤣

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