McDonalds Hack: How to Order ONLY Ketchup

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When I saw this on the internet, I thought you would get some lettuce at least... but I was wrong.
This is from McDonals menu 👇

If you order a Hamburger from McDonals without buns, patty, pickles, onions and mustard, you won't get nothing but ketchup... I guess that is only thing thats left from a "hamburger" 😂😂😂

This could be very usefull... sometimes I make burgers or sandwitchs but I am out of buns so I just get a hamburger without everything but buns 🤤


And then it makes me wonder.... what is going to happen if I order a hamburger without everything... do they at least give me a container? 🤔

happy tears
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Hey @tomoyan how are you? I have created Japan community and made you moderator. Do you think you can organize a contest for steemian in Japan? 😁

Oh hey 👋 👋👋 I’m a moderator? 😆
What do I need to do?!

I think first is to translate this post to Japanese.. STEEMIT - A GUIDE FOR NEWCOMERS then pinned it to the top of the community.
Then organize a contest that people in Japan can take part in easily. Like what is their favorite Japanese meal in autumn? or where is the best place to go to their local during autumn.. etc 😁

Ok let me see what google translator can do for me lol
Is this only for people in Japan? or Japanese people or people who are interested in Japan? And contest reward or something is offered?

The translation is for Japanese people, and the contest is for people living in Japan/Japanese/foreigner. I will support the prize pool for the contest.

I looked at the page... that is a pretty big translation haha
Maybe I will do small chunks

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