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RE: Letter to @ned and @andrarchy - Ref @witnesspage

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Witnesspage is a great project that has a lot of potential for future expansion. Right now, most don't realize, there are a lot of witnesses that contribute on Github to Steem/condenser/etc and the general public never sees it. There's also witnesses in Discords and Steem Chat putting in their own time. Not to mention on private off-chain sites that provide on-chain services. Development can only be justified if there's positive buy-in from the greater community and community leaders.


I'd be a top notch asshole if I wrote down every little thing I did in an update every single time I did it. ie. this hour's witness type activity -- helped a guy figure out the blacklists out there; one hour ago etc. all with a #witness-update tag. And that's just me. The guys who sit on #help will alone flood the tag if every instance got listed.

Well, if someone wants to update daily, then so be it. Transparency has no limits, however common sense should prevail in everything we do. (Note: I did say "should")