Letter to @ned and @andrarchy - Ref @witnesspage

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Hey @ned, hey @andrarchy,

Just hear me out on this one, it will probably take up like 5 to 10 minutes of your time and it won't cost a thing, yet I believe you will have something to consider at the end of it.

Like many other Steemians out there, when we got here, one of the questions we had was:

"Where can I see what all the witnesses are doing?"

The usual response was and from what I see, still is;

"Go check out the tags #witness-update or #witness-category (and or #witness)".

Now, this answer just didn't cut it, as it doesn't take into account that the vast majority of posts with these tags are not actually written by witnesses.

The second answer that is given by some witnesses out there, predominantly those who are in the 'Top 20' as we know them is;

"....or you can go to @timcliff 's wall and check out his weekly summary/report which lists all the relevant posts made by witnesses...."

Fine, this in many ways was and still is a great way for someone to actually go out and see what all relevant posts were written by our witnesses.

However, now we have @witnesspage.

Don't stop reading here, I am not asking for anything, I am actually OFFERING something to Steemit. Inc. that I consider to be very rational & WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

So, please read on and spare another 2 minutes on this.

@witnesspage literally resteems ALL the posts made by our active witnesses.

Yes it is a bot!

What does it resteem?

All the posts from our witnesses that use any one of the following tags:


But there is MORE, it also UPVOTES these posts!

So there is a potential tool to incentivize witnesses to regularly update Steemians on what all they are doing!

OK. I guess this is pretty much clear as to how @witnesspage has filled in the gap that used to exist.

Basically it has given a one stop shop for ALL Steemians to go to when wanting to see updates and information about witnesses and witness campaigns 'straight from the horses mouth'.

Yes, it has filled in that gap that existed, Steemians now have a place to go to so as to get their answers.

So WHY am I telling you this?

Well, you see, this is a service that in my opinion should not be 'owned and run' by any individual. No matter who that individual may be. It can be, but that is not why I did this, I did it to fill in the gap that existed. To give Steemians a page on our blockchain, a user profile to which they can turn to when wanting to catch up on what all our witnesses are doing and posting in the need to keep all of us Steemians informed and up to date.

Think about it.

I could literally have a stroke or heart attack tomorrow and no longer be here. It is possible. Yet the blockchain lives on.

I would hope that steemit.com and Steemit Inc. lives on much longer than me too.

There are many more future Steemians coming our way who shall have the exact same questions most of us had, namely;

"Where can I see what all the witnesses are doing?"

& do we really want to keep telling them answers along the lines of:

'Go to so and so's wall' , or , '....here is a service provided by so and so' ..... or the worst of all answers:

"Go check out the tags #witness-update or #witness-category (and or #witness)".


Well, do we?


I would be more than glad to hand over all the relevant files and master key (passwords) if I knew Steemit Inc was going to take over and ensure all us Steemians can have this long overdue service and one stop shop for all the relevant posts from ALL witnesses.

or let me put it this way,

I have no issues with managing the bot and page, but if anything were to happen to me whereby I can't do this anymore, like for example "I die" which is something that is eventually inevitable, I sincerely believe that Steemit Inc. should have full access to this page so as to ensure the service continues on and keeps providing what was requested by so many Steemians to date.

It is up and running, no bugs or anything, it works like a charm.

Takes absolutely minimum effort to manage now.

So, I am not throwing the ball over to you as far as managing it, meaning that I am not trying to dump it on you, what I am trying to achieve here with this offer is a way to ensure that gap that used to exist, that missing resource to which Steemians could go to so as to find what they are looking for when asking about our Witnesses can exist no matter what happens.

I sincerely believe that what I have proposed here is more than fair and reasonable and literally for the good of all Steemians, ensuring better open governance and transparency.

No, I am not asking for, nor expecting ANY form of funds.

I didn't go about filling in the gaps because of me, but rather because I saw that they needed to be done and I found a way to do it effectively and exclusively with the tools made available to us.

No better way than to ensure Steemit Inc. has the capability to ensure it doesn't vanish or become obsolete like so many other 'services' that some people made and then let die.

No, I am not asking or expecting you or anyone to say 'thank you'.

This is something that I consider to be one of my responsibilities as a Steemian and as a Witness.

Think it over, if you want to get this done, contact me, I'm on Discord, Telegram and I guess I'm on the Steem.Chat.

Hope to hear from you and shake hands on this like gentlemen,

Yours truly,



I do think this is the most useful service yet with regards to being the one location to get up to date witness only updates.

Not sure if they'll take you up on it, but always worth a try :)

As a weaker fallback option, I'm wondering how much of it could be placed somewhere (github?) So that if, heavens to be, you did snuff it unexpectedly, @witnesspages (?), the return of the witness updates, could be created and the feature continued. Ideally though, the continuation of this account would be best.

And I never knew you started Witness page - learn something new every day. It's a valuable service, so few Steemians understand Witnesses at all - and so many even long term members completely ignore the option to vote them. The easier it is to learn and understand the better - and keeping up with Witnesses is a sure way to get them interested and make an informed decision on who they wish to vote for.

Slightly hijacking this but I have been wondering over the last week what Steemit has in place should an account holder pass away and their family wish to reclaim the funds. While we can of course all leave our account login and active key in our wills with instructions - generally it's advised to regularly renew your keys and you can't keep sending updates.

#thealliance #witness

cool idea - thanks for thinking of it and implementing


Selfless service Jack. Love it.

This is what amazes me about steemit the most. People always say that I love the community and it's the community that keeps me here. But the people are amazing. You saw a gap that need filling so what do you do?

"Ok, how can I fill that gap?" Then proceed to fill it. Tell people and also offer it back to steemit itself for everybody to use free of charge.

It's the people on here that will be the making of the blockchain in the long run. People who take on these projects just to improve it for everybody else. We'll done.

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This has made me want to cast a witness vote for you @jackmiller, and I have now done so. Thank you!

ty, every vote counts, because every person matters.

:D .....can't believe you have a Maggie Thatcher quote on your homepage LOL, although I guess it's true enough!

She said it and I believe that message was absolutely perfect when it comes to that topic. So yeah, no reason not to quote her, she was a very influential person & we all know how that works. When I say something, it's Jack saying it. When a world leader says something, it divides the world into three groups, those who agree, those who don't and those who just don't care.

I've always heard it as

25% will love or support you
25% will loathe or attack you
50% won't even know you exist.

Sure, and I don't judge you for any admiration you may have for her sayings (or politics or whatever). Perhaps my comment came across as provocative (I can see how that may have been), but wasn't meant to be. 'Thatcherism' is the past as far as I'm concerned, but that's my view and you may see it differently. I heard what Jack said in this post and voted for him as witness on the strength of it. We obviously differ on what we consider the MT phenomenon to have been!

Witnesspage is a great project that has a lot of potential for future expansion. Right now, most don't realize, there are a lot of witnesses that contribute on Github to Steem/condenser/etc and the general public never sees it. There's also witnesses in Discords and Steem Chat putting in their own time. Not to mention on private off-chain sites that provide on-chain services. Development can only be justified if there's positive buy-in from the greater community and community leaders.

I'd be a top notch asshole if I wrote down every little thing I did in an update every single time I did it. ie. this hour's witness type activity -- helped a guy figure out the blacklists out there; one hour ago etc. all with a #witness-update tag. And that's just me. The guys who sit on steem.chat #help will alone flood the tag if every instance got listed.

Well, if someone wants to update daily, then so be it. Transparency has no limits, however common sense should prevail in everything we do. (Note: I did say "should")


Nice idea. It’s hard to keep up to date with witnesses and what they’re doing and who should we keep our vote on.

Interesting concept, Jack – I suddenly feel daft for not ever really asking that question. Guess that's just my 'who's-got-time-to-think-about-that' /'primarily content-creator' brain... • I suppose I just figure – if everything's workin' essentially as it should, I needn't worry about what the witnesses are doin'...

This is why you are one of my witness. I like the job you have been doing keep it up

Sounds good to me.


Right on Jackeroo !!

Great idea! if they don't want it I'll buy it from you for 10 STEEM.

Not the point, but thanks for the offer.

how did you make the bot?

That's a pretty broad question for a comment thread with a high level witness...

Google steem bot scripts like we all do.

Thank you. I don't use google :)

Was gone most of today and am catching up in bits and pieces.

This is the bot code used as a template.


thank you, sorry I am so clueless, I didn't even know where to begin.

Dang it, I could have missed such a valuable bot if not for this post.

Thank you for your service, Jack! I'll be sure to mention @witnesspage at every appropriate opportunity.

I really like this idea, it is such a pain in the ass staying updated on witnesses. I have been using the witness page and visiting them one by one to check for update.
Something you could try (Dont know if it's a good idea, that is for you to decide).
Maybe if you tag all the witnesses this will get some extra attention and with luck some of the witnesses can help you launch this.

It is up and running for a while now, so the point is to ensure a continuation of the service no matter what happens!

Ok I must have missunderstood, Keep it rolling!

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