:D .....can't believe you have a Maggie Thatcher quote on your homepage LOL, although I guess it's true enough!

She said it and I believe that message was absolutely perfect when it comes to that topic. So yeah, no reason not to quote her, she was a very influential person & we all know how that works. When I say something, it's Jack saying it. When a world leader says something, it divides the world into three groups, those who agree, those who don't and those who just don't care.

I've always heard it as

25% will love or support you
25% will loathe or attack you
50% won't even know you exist.

Sure, and I don't judge you for any admiration you may have for her sayings (or politics or whatever). Perhaps my comment came across as provocative (I can see how that may have been), but wasn't meant to be. 'Thatcherism' is the past as far as I'm concerned, but that's my view and you may see it differently. I heard what Jack said in this post and voted for him as witness on the strength of it. We obviously differ on what we consider the MT phenomenon to have been!

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