How I'm Directing my 390,000 YouTube Subscribers to Steemit!!! Plus a BONUS VIDEO: The Way the Powers-that-Be Get Good People to be Downright EVIL!

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As I close in on almost 400,000 subscribers on YouTube, I'm saddened to see just how far Google/YouTube has fallen as they march toward extreme levels of censorship. The video platform used to be a wonderful place to share ideas and let your creative genius run free. But we all know that that's not the case anymore.

I'm one of those guys who really tried to make a living with YouTube. I was able to do what I loved (spread the liberating news of self-ownership, genuine liberty and free market principles) and make a couple bucks on the side. Now, having lost over 95% of my revenue, it's safe to say that an entry level McDonald's employee is bankrolling more than a YouTuber with almost a half a million subscribers.

To add to my perplexity, I basically suck here on Steemit. haha. I've seen people with an audience of less than 50 subscribers on YouTube consistently making $500 per article here on Steemit. plan is to tell the world about this decentralized platform of liberty-loving, censorship-hating folks who enjoy consuming thoughtful content.

Here's how I informed my audience about this platform in the intro to my latest video. Let me know what you guys think.

Also, stick around for the rest of the video. I used @larkenrose 's "Patriotism, an Abomination" as the script for this eye-opening video which challenges those still caught in the quicksand of the religion of statism. Check out Larken's content...he has some provocative food for thought!

Enjoy the video!

I'm Brian, the owner and creator of the YouTube Channel HighImpactFlix and the HighImpactFlix Facebook page. My aim is to create useful, relevant, exciting and engaging content that will inform and IMPACT those who take the time to view it. Bottom line: I strive to make it worth your while to check out my videos!

Thanks for watching/reading. If you enjoyed this or, if it impacted you in any positive way, consider sharing and commenting. And, if you want, Upvote and alt text It's MUCH appreciated! Revenue generated goes back into creating even more "in-your-face" content. Peace!


You've got about the most powerful, to-the-point, informative YouTube channel I can think of. I'm thrilled to see you, of all "youtubers", here. I'm going to point you out to a friend of mine @fulltimegeek who's a Steem whale and shares our perspectives and objectives. Also, have you began posting on dtube yet? I will be doing so very soon. I have this account for the GEET fuel processor (to end poverty and pollution by out-moding oil by retrofitting existing equipment) and I'll be making a general "how-to" (for self-sufficiency) account/channel starting with how to build a geodesic dome and cover it. Hope you'll check them both out and that it's content you find worthy of resteeming or even sharing in a video.

Just saw this post. Your words are very kind and very humbling. Thank you. I just checked out your steem page and followed you.

Your integrity and diligence are evident, bro. Hearing from you is inspirational and empowering, as it's proving to me our efforts will not be in vain.

The hands of the many must join as one, and together we'll cross the river -

p.s. sent you a message on fb too.

Wow! I've never heard that song. Talk about inspiring! The message is powerful! Thank you my friend!

Fully agreed! powerful and inspiring! by the way...from no on *** is code that you messages on fb or, ***

Tell people what they want to hear and they will be happy, it's collective ignorance, very good post. Resteemed.

I really appreciate that!

I've been watching your vids on YouTube for sometime now and I waned to tell you that they are excellent. Very thought provoking and inspiring.

It's a disgrace how Google/YouTube have become advocates of censorship. But the knowledge you post will always be welcome on Steemit/DTube.

May you always make a huge impact on people. Eyes need to be opened!!

Already followed but resteemed also.

Very happy to see you on here. I am also glad to be a patron of yours for the past couple months. Your mindset is very genuine and respectable. Feel free to follow me on here if you find my posts interesting at all. I will slap a couple of my links on here, would love your honest feedback.

I wish you the best on here my friend,

Nicholas Urgero

Yes, brother!! bring them all! love what you do man. keep fighting the good fight. we all have your back and are eternally grateful for what you do to awaken the people! I was so happy to see you joined steemit brother!!

Upvoted, re$teemed & following!

Is so good to see you here!!!
Is time to teach Youtube who made it BIG...
Us, viewers and producers, not stupid politicians and bankers.
keep it going my friend, I'll keep watching your videos.

Much rather watch your stuff here than on Younoob :) great move.

Yeah they Locked me out of my account on August 21st. 50,000 subscribers gone! My channel is still there but I can't log in and they won't reply to my emails. They have been demonetizing and and restricting my videos for months and also unsubbing my subscribers. SCREW YOUTUBE!

gmail did the same to my account, before all the Youtool demonetizing and shadow banning started. A shot across the bow, I reckon.

Thank you so much for joining, and for spreading the word about Steemit!

well said man , it's hard to brake through a century of conditioning but you're doing a great job .