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RE: Welcoming @suitcasebaby

Wow thanks for sharing! We are in full blown newborn life too. So sweet, and I have been trying to remember that too. They are only tiny for so long :) what pillow is that you are using for the little guy? We’ve been wanting to get one, and that one looks awesome:)


oh congratulations on your bundle of joy !! Have to savor these small moments right?! The pillow that weve been using is cocoonababy bed, its pretty light and can be easily transferred from one place to another.

Thank you, you too! Yes, it goes by so quick. You have your hands full with all the little ones:) so fun they all get to grow up together. I have 2 older sons 16 and 9, it’s crazy to have 3 boys in all stages:)

Thank you! I’ve been researching and trying to find a good pillow for CO sleeping:)

Happy Friday! It’s so fun we get to share our experiences across the world from each other :)