@SteemitMamas' MidWeek Delights #8 || Of Simple Soups, A Mother's Thoughts & Playing The Ukulele

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Thanksgiving!! What are you grateful for? Are you counting your blessings? Is it Turkey or do you have your own traditions? Here in my country, thanks giving is not a holiday. And if it is celebrated or practiced, probably thanks to TV/Movie influence.

What are your celebrations like? Share your Thanksgiving with us so we can be grateful together. Would also like to extend an invitation to all Mothers on SteemVerse to join us on Discord and you can find out how at the end of this post. Now, I present to you some activities, thoughts and life lessons shared by Mamas for a midweek boost. Click on the images to take you to the authors' posts.



@iamjadeline whips up a simple and healthy soup for her sons to enjoy as she was too tired for more. Check out the recipe and how to through pics.

I was feeling really lethargic and did not have any appetite at all. Still, it is good to get some water into the body for hydration. Since the boys love spinach, so I make a pot of clear spinach soup, with more addition so that the boys get to eat more other stuffs besides spinach.



@crosheille thinks aloud, on text. And I can resonate with this. We are always trying, every child is a different experience. You are always learning, always wondering. If you feel this way, know that you are not alone.

This photo of my daughter and I was taken nine years ago. These were some of the thoughts I had when she was first born. It was terrifying thinking of all the responsibilities I had as a mother and daunting thinking of how I could fail. Even today I still have some of those thoughts. It is still surreal to me that I’m a mother of five and I still have fears of failing and not being good enough.



@thekitchenfairy sets aside some "me" time and has picked up the ukulele. Everyday she challenges herself to play something new.

My voice is super raspy thanks to the cold I have been having for some days now, but guess what?! I found a silverlining to this situation 🤣


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Thnak you for featuring my blog here with other awesome blog, @steemitmamas and @kaerpediem ❤️

Thank you so much for featuring my post alongside these awesome mamas! ❤️💛💖

I had already seen all of these great posts during my daily search for posts to tipu. Spreading those 4 votes each day is more work than you would think.

I'm so impressed with @iamjadeline to be able to cook such yummy soup while sick, since I am not at my best either. This post is inspiring, but I am still not on a par with her action.

@crosheille's post is really moving and also inspiring. She is a wonder with so many kids. Having only had one myself, and failing hard at my important job of raising him, I can only watch in awe.

And the amazing ukulele journey of @thekitchenfairy is another inspiring place for me to look. Her posts are all great, she progresses each time, and has a good niche over at dtube. Win, win, win!

Tweeting this post, and so happy to see it :)