Steemitmamas Sunday Shares #16


Hello mamas and supporters! It is time to bring to you another round of Steemitmamas Sunday Shares easy reads for your weekend!

We look for posts from our members and the @needleworkmonday community. We also look out for other posts to curate even if the author is not apart of our community. The following topics are our main go to for curation: mothers and parenting, children and education, family and finances.

In today’s post we feature preparations for Christmas: making wearables, cookies and tree decorating.

DIY/☃A scarf for Christmas, very different from the others❄ by @carolinacardoza


Look who’s dressing us up for the holidays! This diy Christmas scarf makes a nice added touch for your festivity’s ensemble. If you would like to make one there is a tutorial included.


Christmas cookies by @drawmeaship


Making cookies with family is always a fun time but it’s even more special around this time of year. @drawmeaship shares some photos of making cookies with her daughter. What a sweet time of sharing ~


It's Officially Christmas in Our New Home by @romeskie


After settling in their new apartment it was time to start one of their Christmas traditions; decorating the tree. @romeskie found her crocheted snowflakes and was happy to know her daughter loved them :)


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Wonderful posts! So Christmassy <3

Thank you for sharing.

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Thank you for the share:) i love these chrismassy crafts.