Steemitmamas Sunday Shares #17


Hello to everyone! It’s so nice to get back to our weekly curations after such a busy time in wrapping up the holidays. We have entered a new year, a new century and are looking forward to what all it may hold.

Welcome back to our Sunday Shares, easy reads for your weekend.

We look for posts from our members and the @needleworkmonday community. We also look out for other posts to curate even if the author is not apart of our community. The following topics are our main go to for curation: mothers and parenting, children and education, family and finances.

In today’s post we feature a DIY busy board for the young ones, a mother’s intuition and guilt and an intriguing perspective on human thoughts and actions.

DIY busy board/ DIY planche sensorielle by @drawmeaship


If you are looking for ways to encourage exploration and discovery for your little ones, this diy busy/sensory board may be just what you need. @drawmeaship went on a search for items that would spark her child’s interest. Come see how she put this board together!


A Hot Toddy with a Side of Mom Guilt by @bia.birch


There’s so many questions we as mothers have about motherhood. There were some really great points and thoughts brought up by @bia.birch in this well written post. I think I can say most of us moms have felt guilt when we decide to relax and unwind and then disaster strikes. However, there has to be some kind of balance between nourishing ourselves and taking care of our families. As @bia.birch puts it:

But I know I am a better me when I take time to nourish me.

I have to be the best me FOR THEM.


Ants by @lymepoet


In this post @lymepoet gives us quite a bit to think about. She gives an interesting perspective on how humans are ruled by fear and how it dictates the outcome of our thoughts and actions. She also talks about some of the negative outcomes that our environment is facing due to irresponsible actions.


Thank you so much for reading! That wraps up our Steemitmamas Sunday Shares for this week! Do check out their blogs and show them some love and support by upvoting and resteeming if you feel the same!

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Thank You! 😃

Thank you for your support!

Absolutely! 💓

I found, Ants by @lymepoet, to be profoundly insightful. Each paragraph held a golden ray of truth, but I found her thoughts on self-doubt to be especially relevant to motherhood. 🌱

When doubt (self-doubt), fear and anxiety are nested deeply, rooted into your core from a young age, as everyone keeps on telling you what is possible and what is not - constantly defining your limitations - the chances of you stepping out from under the big black cloud are getting slimmer by the day.

We become the still, small voice inside of our children's minds. And even as they grow into adults, we maintain influence over them. This voice can speak love and light, or this voice can speak self-doubt. Either way, the way we speak to our children now will shape the course of their lives forever. This post will stay with me as I ponder this truth. I will run my words through this filter before I speak them to my children.

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to her post by sharing your thoughts with us. We are glad you were able to take some things from it that will stay with you ~

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