Steemitmamas Sunday Shares #18


Hello to all of you! I have another round of Sunday Shares, easy reads for your weekend right here!

We look for posts from our members and the @needleworkmonday community. We also look out for other posts to curate even if the author is not apart of our community. The following topics are our main go to for curation: mothers and parenting, children and education, family and finances.

In today’s post we feature some LEGO fun, Steemit community engagement and pattern of the week!

CNY Special with Lego by @elizacheng


@Elizacheng takes us to MidValley Megamall for a special LEGO feature. Almost everything is made of LEGO’s and they had special activities for the kids to do. Looks like tons of fun and creativity!


Engagement Creates Community by @bia.birch


Do you believe engagement creates community? In this contest submission post @bia.birch shares her thoughts about this uplifting community and how the kindness and engagement makes Steemit stand out from other plattforms. She includes screenshots of some engaging conversations shes had with the community.


Pattern of the week: Spiral Scrubbie / Spiral-Spüli [Ger/Eng] by @muscara


We needleworkers love free patterns! Every week @muscara will be sharing a free pattern of the week! They won’t be difficult and you might even learn some new techniques. These patterns will be geared towards knitters and crocheters. Have a look at this week’s scrubby pattern.


Thank you so much for reading! That wraps up our Steemitmamas Sunday Shares for this week! Do check out their blogs and show them some love and support by upvoting and resteeming if you feel the same!

All the Mamas here will receive a 100% upvote from the @steemitmamas community account for one week. On top of that, @khimgoh will be sponsoring 1 SBI for a lifetime of votes to one lucky Mama who will be chosen via a random name picker from all the posts that was featured in our Weekly Sunday Shares!

Readers you have an opportunity to win 1 SBI as well! Just comment on this post what you liked about the posts that was shared and you will be entered into the draw. The winner will be picked via a random name picker as well.


Today’s Sunday Shares was brought to you by @crosheille


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