Write Along Challenge: Look Up the Price of Steem and SBD

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Hi Mamas and Mama Supporters!

Welcome to our next write along challenge.

Do you know what the value of SBD or STEEM is today? If you were trying to use Steem to take your children to the movies this weekend, how much would you need?

Today's challenge is asking for you to look up the price of STEEM and the Price of SBD in your currency of choice.

You can either write a post, or join along by commenting on this post.

As long as you include the price of Steem and SBD as compared to your currency of choice AND tell us where you found the information, you have participated in the write along.

Thank you for playing along, I look forward to seeing your posts and comments.



What a good initiative, it is good to know how much is the value of each of these cryptocurrencies and the change in the country where we are.

I’ve actually been looking it up the last two days because I’ve been considering whether to withdraw it but it’s going down so I’ll leave it in!
0.7 usd to 1 Steem on coinmarketcap
And then I did some thinking on where to invest it

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I am not a pro in this but will try. I use coinmarketcap.com to view the price of Steem and SBD in USD.



Then I use www.xe.com to view how much is USD in my country Malaysia Ringgit (MYR)


Therefore 1 Steem will give me 0.72518x4.14391=MYR 3


1SBD give me 0.95803x4.14391=MYR 3.96

Haha. Hope I did it correctly. Usually this is what I will do.

I can use 1 Steem and 1 SBD to buy a simple bun from the bakery shop. Lol. STEEM AND SBD please fly high to the moon..

I have missed a few challenges so I packed them 3-in-1 post!

Still missing the Curation challenge, though!

Ok.. I'll be honest ! I haven't reached the level in which I have that much Steem or SBD to even consider about withdrawing yet. I do see many within the Teammalaysia community going on to the Discord & checking it out. Still not sure how it works though.

If I needed to know more, I go straight to my walking dictionary, my Hubby for the required information... Not my finest or best solutions, but definitely the fastest.. ha ha

haha walking dictionary is my hubby too! hes the one that tells me to check on coinmarketcap

Ha ha.. Thank goodness I'm not the only one ..

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I also used to ask my hubby and now I learn from him about coinmarketcap so I no longer bug him. Alternatively I also use teammalaysia discord.

But I seldom check the price as it keeps fluctuates so no point checking coz won't withdraw also

U have got to teach me how to do that. I can't seemed to understand that part of it.
Then I didn't want to get influence by all the $ that I may get financially, so maybe that's why I choose to just let it be.
I enjoy my time here

According to coinmarketcap.com at 12:30 MST September 18th, 2018, SBD costs $0.97 USD and STEEM costs $0.73 USD.

I am optimistic that the value of STEEM will increase but I'm in it for the long haul so I don't mind the low price. I am however conscious of the many struggles around the world and I am concerned for anyone who is more dependant on the price of STEEM to help them get by.


I have only cashed out once at the very beginning, after which I have working on growing the account. And so I hardly check the exchange rates. So for this challenge I took a walk through my Night Market and here some stuff I bought with my MYR.


And I usually use CoinGecko to check on prices if I were to pay in Steem/SBD. I just key in my Ringgit in the right column and I get the equivalent on the left.

Screen Shot 20180919 at 1.00.49 AM.png

So the Dim Sum at the top, 11 pieces for RM10 = SBD2.42
Dragon Fruits 3 for RM10 = SBD2.42
Snacks, 4 for RM11 = SBD2.65
Spring Rolls each RM2 = SBD0.50

I think after this I need to start my due diligence for when I want to cash out. And I find all the answer very helpful. Thank you Mamas.

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