The Diary Game Season 3 (May 15, 2021)/ I build a mini house for my incoming mother pig

Good day steemians!
Today is my pleasure to say it's a wonderful day because god gave me another day to spend my life to my family! By the way, How are you? Are you doing great? Lets keep posting and earn steem even that not much what we get, even if it's little amount or zero but atleast we try. Soon, for god sake and positivity we will become fortune by earning steem in this platform. And today's crime I will share another journey of my life living as a farmer. I will make a simple house for my incoming mother pig. This is simple project of mine thus not need any helper only me fighting in this project. We already had a house of pig but that is for my mother and I'll make my own too. This is for me exclusively.


Due to the pandemic I decided to stay in the province and I brought my son also. Her mother is working at the city she will come home every 15 days 2 times a month. Before the pandemic comes we live at the city and the places are all lockdown and quarantine so we come home in my parents house. Actually, This is my home also, this is my place were I grow. We decided to stay temporarily here in province after covid ends we will back soon in the city. But until now covid is still there bothering a lot of people causing more troubles. And more pilipino forces to quit their jobs because the company can't sustained or pay back their man power due to the pandemic. Lockdown everywhere can't travel the goods to trade.


I realized that helping my parents here for everyday living I think I need to move forward by starting taking care of the animals like pig, chicken and cow etc.... for the sake of my future famiy too. So, this is it I will tell you my today's diary making a simple house for my mother pig.
By the way, people live in the province mostly of them have their own pig cared of, so I decided to have mine also.


This is the skeleton of my simple house for my mother pig it's unfinished. As you can see I made this solo the measure of this is not that accurate or equal in height and width. But it look normal when I took it in a distance the columns is not straight thats why it's hard for to find the accurate position but it's okay because this is only for house of a pig. As long as this is strong and compatible for the pig then it's okay.



In this photo I gathered a bamboo this is one of the materials needed. I forgot to bring smartphone when I cut it down. That is more fun actually but sad to say it's done better lock soon if this bamboo is short I will cut another and take photo.


Here is my tools that I need Bolo (machete), saw for wood, chesil, hammer , nail #1.5, 3, 4 and 5, level hose, metrosan (tape measure), nylon.



And this is the place where I build my pig house. The place is so annoying as you can see there are more dead coconut leaves I need to clean it up before I start working. After I finish cleaning the area I form a square joined with wood 3 by 2 inch were this is my guide for my columns.



I gathered a branch of mahogany tree then I sharpen it and hit it to the ground beside my square guide to support temporarily. I learn this idea from my father basically this is the technique commonly use by the carpenters.


In this part I've done putting all the sharpen mahogany branch as you can see my guide can't move anymore. Then after that I start digging in each corner of my guide to put the columns there. I think it's about 1.5 feet deep in each hole.



After I finish digging 4 holes I put some stone in the bottom of the hole for strong foundation. I put the columns in each hole and braced it then nailed it.


When I'm done bracing the 4 columns and it can stand alone. I cut a bamboo in equal length for the beam. I make a small hole and insert small pieces of bamboo to support and can be strong enough to hold. Because when I nailed this bamboo it will break and little amount that can hold. This is the strategy when we use bamboo for making a house.


In this photo I'm done installing the trusses. I'm slowly working on this 4 days when I've done this all. When I prepare the bamboo it took 1 day for me to finish and carried it 1 by 1 and it feels a lot of pain in my right shoulder. If you try to imagine how long is the 1 bamboo tree? Then, carried it in 1-2 kilometers! In that day my energy drops at 10% and feels me tired in a past fee days.

Here are some of my "waki selfie" hahahaha



Maraming Salamat ! ! !

Until next time

Make your day special



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