The Diary Game Season 3 (May 7 2021)/ We live as a Farmer

Good day to you steemians.
Today I will tell you about our life as a farmer. We will harvesting corn with my families. Our heritage is corn, banana, coconut, sweet potato, cassava, fruits and vegetables and much more. We are no longer planting rice because our land is not flat ground and there is no water for irrigation. Our area is more on planting corn unlike the other places that can be irrigated to plant rice.



This is the corn that ready for harvest because it is old. Three months after we plant it, it can be harvest and process and be eaten. Before we came here we first prepared our own equipment. We brought mentally, bolo knife, sanggot knife, snacks and water. It is really important that you are ready because you will get tired at work due to the heat of the day. And of course we also wear jackets and pants protection from the heat of the sun. It’s really impossible to stop the sunshine now it can cause damage to your skin directly. Even in the early morning it's very hot right away. It's summer time and it's a great time to swim in the sea or swimming pool. It's not just that summer was felt because of the pandemic.



The first thing when I start to harvest corn, I cut the corn stem first. But it all depends on the farmer if he/she comfortable to cut the corn stem first and then take the corn or take the corn first before cutting the corn stem. What I did here was I cut the corn tree first and loaded it towards the (apple caimito) tree because I need protection against heat of the sun. We cover up under the (apple caimito) tree. Then, I accumulated a lot of corn now I sat down and took the corn and put it in the sack. When I was a child, this was my parents occupation. Fresh coconut, banana, sweet potato and etc. just really easy for us to eat. There is no restaurant or fastfood chain here in our Place. We need to go to the (CITY) to eat food at the fastfood chain or restaurant. Our place is just a Municipality no fastfood chain and there is no mall. But even if our place is not urbanize, even though our signal is weak. I will not be late here in steemit. Someday I will also stand here as a Community leader.


This picture is my sister and my son, the one in the back is my mother. What my mother did was take corn first before cutting down the corn stem. Then my sister rested under the (apple caimito) tree because she was tired due to the heat of the day.


This picture, this is my son, He is with me wherever I go, He is only 2 years old. It's hard for me to watch him because no matter where he goes and then he never come to me to let me know. I just brought a cradle so he wouldn't get sick in the sun. He was just there under the (apple caimito) tree and cradling.



I was already in the middle of my work, with very little corn left. Please be patient with my photographer, She didn't know how to take a photo, that's why the picture is ugly, but I'm really into it hahaha


Here, I ran out of corn that I cut and look, 1 sack of corn I accumulated. If I estimate about 15-20 sacks corn would be harvested. Then, My mom told me to go home first for lunch. I immediately removed the cradle and sent it to my son. I'm not comfortable leaving the cradle, lest they steal and my son doesn't have a cradle anymore, he might cry :(


I'm the only older man here, Then, I'm the one carrying a sack of corn. I would take this sack of corn to the road and load it on the motorbike going to our house. I'm just walking slowly because it's heavy so my neck might get injuired. We will be back here after we have lunch.




Before I finish this story I want to thank the Lord for the blessings we have received. I hope you liked my story until again.


Maraming Salamat :)

Until Next Time



Looks so refreshing there and lots of harvest ..