Steemit Photo Challenge #29: 1st Entry - Lady iguana

A green female pet iguana. This reptile can reach the size of 7ft including their tail. They are exotic pets and being sold in pet stores.

Scientific name: Iguana
Higher classification: Iguanidae
Tail length: Blue iguana: 1.7 – 2.5 ft.
Mass: Green iguana: 8.8 lbs, Blue iguana: 31 lbs
Length: Green iguana: 12 – 17 in., Marine iguana: 2 – 3.3 ft., Blue iguana: 1.7 – 2.5 ft.
Clutch size: Green iguana: 20 – 71, Blue iguana: 1 – 21

Here is another view.

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Special thanks to @elyaque for these cool badges!


You posted a lizard like that ... she is very beautiful by the way ... and your steemit name is @allmonitors ... and you didn't make a dart at a pun?? Very controlled or it is early in the morning for you!!! Got my vote all the same - she is magnificent!!

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Love this one. Putting on resteem

you're welcome

Fantastic photo, good luck in the challenge. upvoted

She is so beautiful!! Great photo!

Excellent photography dear friend @allmonitors good luck

You have my vote! Incredible photo! ☆▪▪▪▪🐳

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