📷 Steemit Photo Challenge - #60 - THE RETURN! New Theme, New Prizes.

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Welcome back to the

Steemit Photo Challenge!


I took a bit of a hiatus at the end of 2017 due to being very distracted with various things.

But here we are, in 2018. Let’s see how this goes!

Due to the increase in price for Steem and SBD, we’re going to have to change up how the prizes are done.

I’m going to experiment with Steem Power prizes!

First Place: 20 SP
Second Place: 15 SP
Third Place: 10 SP
Honourable Mentions — 2 SP Each

I may play around with these prizes depending on the response from the community. The goal is to be self-sustaining.

For New Followers...

The Steemit Photo Challenge was started in 2016 as a way to highlight the great photographers using Steemit to show off their work. It gives a way to spread rewards, and to give exposure. Plus it's a bit of fun.

The intention is for photographers to show their work that fits the given theme, or to go out and take fresh photos that fit the theme. Only the posters own work is eligible!

See rules below.

Don’t forget that you can view past winners and the current theme over at SteemitPhotoChallenge.com

For those who are not familiar with the Steemit Photo Challenge, please read the rules below.

Remember to include SteemitPhotoChallenge in the title of the post AND as a tag, this is so that the judging app built by @blueorgy will pull the entry in for judging. Reason for this is that I was getting a lot of spam that I had to sort through and this is a good way to stop that — so remember to put it in or your entry may not be included!

The first theme for 2018 will be one of my favourites:

Animal Portrait

Winners will be announced on Friday 12th

Rules And Conditions

Please read these carefully and adhere to them

  • I strongly encourage you to post work that is original to this challenge, in other words — take a new photograph instead of using an old one.

  • No more than 3 entries will be considered, if you post more than 3 then only the first 3 will be considered.

  • All entries must be a post tagged both #photography and #steemitphotochallenge

  • The Title should contain "SteemitPhotoChallenge Entry" along with the title of your work. The software will not pull your entry into the judging app if this is not here. The purpose is to cut out the spam that ends up in the tag.

  • Let us know the medium used to produce the photograph, it may be more impressive based on what it is.

  • Basic processing is allowed. ‘Digital art’ won’t be considered.

  • Any medium or format is allowed — iphone, ipad, film, digital, point and shoot, drone, whatever. Once it takes a picture. Note that image quality will be considered.

  • Multiple Entries can all go in one post, just put the details under the image.
  • Any attempt to steal others' work is considered a serious infraction by the community, so don't do it. Please don't waste your and our time by posting some image from the net.
  • Every effort will be made to ensure that we do not reward theft. All images will be reverse checked, if the image has been found on more than 2 “major” websites, it will be disqualified unless reasonable proof can be shown to prove ownership of the original. If there is any doubt whatsoever about the ownership of the photograph, I reserve the right to disqualify the image. It is in your interest to provide any proof necessary. I would appreciate any help from the community in finding plagiarism where I might have missed it.
  • The photographs will be judged on how well they met the challenge, the quality of the image, the composition, lighting, exposure, creativity and the general aesthetics which means that yes, it is subjective.

By entering this competition you acknowledge that you own the rights to the photographs and allow for me to re-post the image should it receive a winner or honourable mention position.

Visit SteemitPhotoChallenge.com to see all the previous winners!

1. Go to the Witness Voting Page on Steemit.com
2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and locate the vote box
3. Type (blueorgy) in the box and click vote.



WOOP! Welcome back SPC!!!

welcome back the best ever!!! xx


@jamtaylor thank you for this opportunity.

My #steemitphotochallenge "Animal Portrait" Entry

I am not understand about "Basic processing is allowed. ‘Digital art’ won’t be considered".
That mean the photos can be edited to be beautiful or how that mean?
Sorry, my english so bad.

Hello @zakir43

About your smartphone, I guess you can use it as "Any Medium or Format is allowed". After this sentence, it is just examples.

About the Basic processing, it means you can use a software as Lightroom (or similar). You can by example play with the exposition, the lights, the constrat but you can not use a software as Photoshop in order to modify your photography.

I hope it will help you to participate to the contest !

Good luck !

Oh, i see now.
Thank for help.
And i did, please to check my entry, may be anything must to edit. :)

owenderfull best of luck

So happy to see the challenge is back!! :D

Hoping that people will still enjoy it!

I'm sure they will! :)

So, my smartphone is can not to follow this contest? :(

Any medium or format is allowed — iphone, ipad, film, digital, point and shoot, drone, whatever. Once it takes a picture. Note that image quality will be considered.

Wow ... The long-awaited challenge, an exciting challenge. I will definitely participate.

Wow ! Glad you came back with this contest !!

Welcome back! I'll get to work on a post once I get back to my PC, should still have time before the deadline.

Hello, I don't understand. You have written here that the theme is Animal photography, and on your website the actual theme is "Human body"...? Which theme is it?

I made a mistake on the website , fixed. The theme is Animal Portrait.

Welcome backk mate! Glad to see you are back! Now i'll need to look for animals to take same images for the contest lol

Welcome back! This sounds like a really neat idea for a contest, and I'm excited to participate. Here are my entries: https://steemit.com/steemitphotochallenge/@claireducky/steemitphotochallenge-entry-60-animal-portrait-theme-3-entries

Welcome back! I would love to participate! I will submit something soon. Cheers!

Hi, all, I'm new to both Steemit and this challenge but it seems like a lot of fun. My entry: https://steemit.com/steemitphotochallenge/@monika.zajac/steemitphotochallenge-entry-an-old-cat

Am I safe to assume the deadline to enter is the 11th if the winner is announced on the 12th? I apologize if I am missing this detail. -Aimee

Cool, another photo contest to enter. I don't think you give a deadline though @jamtaylor, unless I've missed it somewhere? :)

Deadline is 04:00:00 GMT Thursday this week (Wednesday midnight my time, essentially)

This is awesome! I'll definitely be participating and thank you for doing this. ☺️

I've been waiting for this 🤣

@jamtaylor, thanks for the contest! My first time posting on SPC! Let's see how that goes!

Hello, how do we know that our picture has been detected by the bot ? Do we receive an automatic message ?

I made a mistake with the website on this theme so all entries will be looked at manually instead of using the bot. Ignore the website for this round. The date was entered incorrectly and I cannot change it now, so only some of the entries were pulled in. I will look through the tag for the week and look at all the entries through steemit.com.

Awesome dog of mine good friend. She is a real Queen with a Crown :)

Enjoy :)


Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!


I'm sure that will be a very nice challenge ! Let's work:-)

Jack The Loyal

Seeing this photograph all over the net.
Source seems like: https://1x.com/photo/706/

Hi @jamtaylor, my entries, thank you. I voted @blueorgy as a witness and he is 45 on the list, vote on the top 50 list. :) And If you or anyone has a moment.. what is a witness? haha tks. https://steemit.com/steemitphotochallenge/@cubbyworks/steemitphotochallenge-entry-60-animal-portraits-3-photos

Glad to see the SPC is back!

Welcome back, SPC! Wait my contribution!

Can we take a pics of any animal

Any non-human animal, yes

Like wild animal huh.

Hey @jamtaylor! Sensational contest bro - it's guys like you that are leading the charge on revolutionizing social media...keep it up :D
And here is my entry, hope you like it:


Hooray! Welcome back!

wow ,,,, I just realized that you are back to create a contest ...

do the best shot....