#steemitriddlechallenge EDITION 1 - Riddle #4 - Solution

Hello again,
4th Round of #steemitriddlechallenge is already closed. Below Mr.Riddle will show you the solution of Riddle #4:


In total 7 people answered the puzzle, below Mr.Riddle is presenting results:

personencrypted answerdecrypted answerpoints
@photon-plCKNxJ97o2+TvJ21riI03fg==Eric Arthur Blair5
@barciszSIlrmTYh8mUG+WpTQHeygQ==Eric Arthur Blair5
@archerbesthYa7iJfNpywhc4QjpEre9A==wrong answer0
@mysCeP5VsLMLOtMzvRqNWYsIA==Eric Arthur Blair5
@lukmarcusnTVoGrWRfZCAqvXKxdEfKQ==wrong answer0
@marialinYbDiEOIXpDpIQ9CKmGRvSw==wrong answer0
@pbockYBVDZtltR6WNXGxqfZNK+w==Eric Arthur Blair4

All who have "wrong answer"- Mr.Riddle checked all possible asnwers and none of them gave your nick name as a decryption result. It means that your answers were incorrect, but if you think that you answered correctly, please let Mr.Riddle know, he will consider your claim!

The winner of 4th Round is @photon-pl!!! Congrats!

To others - please do not discourage, you will have a chance to win in next rounds and remember - the final winner will be announced after all 10 rounds!


For next couple of days solutions will be announced little bit later (after 19:00 UTC).

Next round will start on Monday 19/06 at 12:00 UTC. Stay tuned!

Remember 30 Steems are in the pool for winners!!

Follow the Riddle!!! @Mr-Riddle

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