#steemitriddlechallenge EDITION 1 - Riddle #6 - additional info

Hi my dear Steemians,
Some of you recognized that in Riddle #6 I have made mistake.
In text I have written:

"The plane will flight 690km with average velocity 460km/h"
Then I asked you to guess departure city, which suppose to be Dublin. Obviously Dublin is more far than 690km from Warsaw (Poland). Some of you made additional calculation based on real distance between these 2 cities. Some of you just took the distance from the puzzle.

important both approaches were good, so I will accept answers based on both.

players who answered yesterday, please comment this post with your answers. Please DO NOT use encryption.

Round is already closed and I have all encrypted answers, so there is no risk that someone will cheat.

Solution and standings after round #6 will be announced today in the evening (European time). I will as well give you some gift as a recompensation of the mistake which I made. More info in next post!!!


My answer - 11:55.

Game is Diablo, city is Dublin.

From Dublin to Warsaw - 1825km (http://www.prokerala.com/travel/distance/from-dublin-ireland/to-warsaw-poland/).

690km with average velocity 460km/h means 690km in 1,5h. From ratio I got 3,967391304347826 so ~~ 4h.

7:30 + 4h = 11:30. But Warsaw is in +1 time zone, so 12:30.

12:30 - 35min = 11:55.

Dobry jest...

Yes that is correct :)

That is one overly aggressive mini-woman XO

Exactly! ;-)


game was diablo (... that is one hell of a strange encrypted message...) city is Dublin...

I didn't even bother to look at the distance between the two, I just went with the infromation given (690 km avg velocity 460 km/h) and used Dublin to factor in the time difference...

Now that I think about it, I probably should have checked the distance involved, but if I needed to calculate the time it took for said distance, I had no idea what to do with the 690 km.

I didn't think to use it as a ratio like @lukmarcus did XS

@pbock your answer is as well ok. You did not have to calculate ratio as @lukmarcus did. It was my mistake that during riddle preparation I change departure city but I did not update distance between cities. At the end both of you correctly understand the puzzle and I am sure that you knew how to solve it.

09:25 also but got confused a little. The 690km distance delayed me much :\

I did the same. Took given data. My answer was 9.25

08:25 in 24h format.

Flight travels at 460km/h so 460 km in 60 min and 230 km in 30 min., so now 460km + 230km=690 km = 60min +30 min. = 90 min.

So 7:30 am + 90 min. = 9:00 am,

Now travel time to airport is 35 min, 9:00 am - 35min= 8:25 am


Almost good, but you forgot that Warsaw is in different time zone than Dublin. You should add 1hour, then correct answer is 9:25. So close !!

My answer was:

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