#steemitriddlechallenge EDITION 1 - riddle #7

Hello again,

Now is the time to start Round #7

Please comment with correct answer, remember you have only 24h!

Tomorrow (around 19:00 UTC) @Mr.Riddle will present solution with explanation and standings after 7th round will be announced.



Important!!! You need to encrypt your answer.

Here is a website where you have to do this:
Please use only 128 bit (default value).

As a text please put your nickname
As a key please put answer from the riddle
Then click Encrypt and copy the result of encryption.
Please comment this riddle with copied encrypted massege.

This round will end on Saturday 24/06 at 12:00 UTC.

Results and standings after 7th round will be announced 24/06 around 19:00 UTC.

remember - 40 steems are in the pool!


Follow the Riddle!!! @Mr-Riddle

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Huh... This one's got me stumped... got one part of the answer, but can't seem to fit it together with the rest XS


Experience from last rounds - don't think too much! If you have something, that's probably THE answer!

"don't think too much! " - does it mean that riddles are too easy?
Działa Ci chat?

It's not easy. There are many misleading roads to answer. But if you found one right clue, all others are obvious :)


/eK/9j6j3lkFYXSFcTvPyw== thats the way it is





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