Yes there is a mistake in distance. But I will accept both answers with and without additional calculation. Sorry for that.

I thought you need to find out distance based on city in ??????...?

Do you calculate distance between cities then? Between airports? Based on what map? This is too hard to accurately calculate the flight time then. You will miss few minutes flight

But the total distance the plane travels is a given, and so is the speed it travels. The actual cities it comes and goes to shouldn't matter in this case ?!?

EDIT: I admit, it is overly simplified... especially when you check the actual distances involved... and the fact half the answers here don't correspond with ours (we've got the same one) means there's uncertainty on that front.

Meh, even with total distance I'm not getting the same answer as you other guys...

No idea how you calculated it... do tell me tomorrow !

Hi, guys! Yes you are right...I've made mistake during preparation this puzzle. At the beginning departure city was different. Later on I made update but I forgot to change distance. But do not worry both answers, will be accepted. The most improtant is if you correctly follow logic of this riddle. BR Mr.Riddle

Ah, thanks for settling that !

Though I was kinda enjoying arguing semantics for once XD

PS: Too bad you're not with us anymore.. we'll build you, photon and lukas a memorial if we survive the apocalypse ;)

@lukmarcus ;) right it's look like real competition between us ;*

You literally went and did a duel to prove who was best...

But there is no given distance... It says 690km but I see no info it's total distance.

It says it's the distance the plane will fly. for me that mean it's the total distance the plane travels between both destinations.

True it does not indicate if the plane will fly longer, but that is semantics, and I choose to have faith that @mr-riddle didn't make the error of us needing to understand something that is not clear from reading the text.

Good word riddles are exact. they don't use ambiguous words or meanings.

It's like the fact there's technically several places on earth called Warsaw, yet I choose the one most known (in europe), and not the 2-3 places in America with Warsaw in the name.

We have written will fly 690km with average velocity. For me that distance is important for average velocity. Not as total distance.

And BTW: @mr-riddle is from Poland, so Polish Warsaw :)

Oh and lukas... you and photon just murdered each other during the steem-pocalypse XS

so sad for two riddlers to die by each others hands !

PS: Also, we're down a host for this game... he killed himself in the same way XS

Yes, but that is still one of several interpretations of that statement. For me it will fly 690 km total, all of it at an average speed of 460 km/h.

If you're telling me I somehow need to factor in deceleration and acceleration of the plane, or some other unknown speed for the rest of the distance between Warsaw and ??????...

well, I stand by my answer while mentally burning down mr-riddle's house out of frustration XS

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