Justin Sun buying (bought?) $10 million in GME?

in #steemitron3 months ago (edited)


Random thoughts:

  1. That's a lot of money. Possibly on par with his entire holdings in Steem/Steemit?
  2. This was posted at about 9:30 US/Eastern time on Jan 29 (a Friday), which would have been about 12-13 hours later in Asian regions. Are Asian markets open on Saturdays? I don't understand the word, "tonight", here.
  3. I get that he's trying to introduce the #wallstreetbets community to Tron/TRX, but it seems like they're a natural fit for a #steemit community, too, so I wish he would have mentioned #steem. Two birds with one stone, and all that.
  4. I wonder if he actually made the buy.
  5. This $GME stuff has a lot of moving parts, and I'm not real familiar with relevant laws that would differentiate between market manipulation or free/protected speech, so I don't have strong opinions... but it is fun to watch.

To be fair, after reviewing his feed, he did post this:


Yay!!! - retweeted

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