Steemit Sandwich Contest #60 : "Grilled Musa Acuminata"

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Yeah! That is some tasty sandwich.

I just read @jaybird his contest and as I haven't had lunch nor breakfast yet... I just decided to do this.

Had a rough night, so little bit cranky.. mainly because of the hangover and my hunger.
In case you think the sandwich looks deliciously or you just want to try it out.. I wrote a little list of instructions how to make one by yourself. Now please note, I am no professional cook and I have never tried these combinations before ;)

Here it goes.

Grilled Musa Acuminata

  1. Three slices of bread
  2. Garlic
  3. Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  4. Two bananas
  5. Dutch old cheese
  6. Ginger
  7. Sugar Cane Syrop


Music tip: SUBURBAN SCUM - Hanging by a thread. OR:

  • Roast the friggin' bread in the oven.
  • Slice the pepper, ginger and garlic and make sure you don't get any pepper in your eyes. Because it will hurt. A lot.
  • Plane the cheese and watch out your fingers won't get hurt in the process.
  • Slice the bananas. Make 'em look like fat coins.
  • Broil the pepper, ginger and garlic. Don't really care how you do it, just friggin' do it.
  • Put all of the ingredients mentioned above on your roasted bread. Do it nicely and don't fack it up. Be gentle, okay?
  • Finish it with sugar cane syrop.




I'm coming over 😭😍

Too late. All gone ;)

Hey welcome to SSC!

Love this cranky entry haha it speaks passion!

Very interesting choice of ingredients, the ginger and banana r favs for me. Dug how u broiled ur bread instead of toasted ha!

All in all a distinctive entry and good on u for including a sign ;)

Excellent manwich ya got here!

Haha thanks! Well.. it tasted pretty interesting!

Welcome to SSC. That is one big sandwich packed with flavors. It's sweet, salty and spicy! Good luck @inkvizstudios.

Thanks! It wasnt too spicey tho! :)

Woo, what a sandwich! Bananas and ginger, a great mix, Welcome to SSC my friend!

Haha. Thanks! You should try it and let me know!

Welcome to SSC @inkvizstudios, love your quirky post! Funny Bananas were my choice this week as well, looove Banana Sandwiches, interesting combos with yours :) Good luck!

Haha. Thank you Lizelle. Bananas is always a good idea :)

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