Steemit Sandwich Contest "ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY" Week 52 - CONTEST NOW OPEN! - (3 PRIZES!)

Steemit Sandwich Contest Week 52

Royal Rumble Anything Goes!"


Message from jaybird

Holy Crap People, SSC has been running on Steemit for a whole year! This week is going to be off the wall and I hope it brings about the best, the worst & most hilarious sandwich entries Steemit has ever seen! I cannot thank the participants of SSC enough for their insane creativity, humour and unwavering support for this silly contest. We've seen over a few thousand entries since week 1! We've had sandwiches submitted from all around the world and from people in various walks of life. It's been an incredible run and I'm looking forward to keeping it going for as long as I can. I would like to thank all of the sponsors who have contributed in the past and equally as important, I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to anyone who has ever helped me judge this competition!

Please remember to have a physical "Validation Sign" with your Sandwich in at least 1 photo to be considered valid

This contest would sincerity benefit from Continuous Whale Support! If you are interested in helping this initiative explode by donating Steem or SBD, please contact @jaybird on Steemchat or Discord jaybird#4732

Get Hungry, Get Creative!

Submit any Kind of Sandwich Whether It's a Classic or Original Creation!



What is Steemit Sandwich Contest?

Steemit Sandwich Contest is a weekly community event & food battle. It aims to connect Steemians from all walks of life who share an insatiable love for sandwiches while encouraging them to mingle through friendly competition and reward.


Submit it before the Monday @ 11:59PM Deadline (Contest Runs: Tuesday 3PM -> Monday @ 11:59PM EST).

  1. Title Must First Say: "Steemit Sandwich Contest Week #" (whatever the week # is)
  2. First Tag Must Be: #steemitsandwichcontest
  3. Must Validate Your Entry: At least 1 photo depicting both your sandwich and, a sign that clearly shows the contest week # you are entering (in the same photo/sign must be physical). [WEEK 3 for example]
  4. Must List Ingredients: Somehow mention the ingredients used in your Steemit Sandwich Contest entry
  5. 1 Photo Minimum: 1 photo minimum (must have validating sign)
  6. Must Put A Link To Your Post In The Comments: Pasting a glamour shot of your entry in the comment may also help distinguish your post
  • Sandwich Name & Additional Info: are Optional
  • Entries which do not follow the rules outlined will be considered null. [THIS IS A TRAGEDY!]


A very special thanks to our week 51 contestants! Many of you have been entering since Week 1 and I very much appreciate your participation and your level of enthusiasm, creativity and sense of humour for this contest!

Week 51 Winners will be Announced Wednesday

A very big shout out to all our supporters and especially our Sponsors and Donors who are crucial in upping the prize pool each week.

Past Sponsorships Include: @bleedpoet @artwatch @gringalicious @doitvoluntarily @homecook @papa-pepper @porn-watch @kotturinn. We'd be grateful to have any new or repeat Sponsons!

Week 52 Sponsor(s): @jaybird


  1. I will be selecting the winner based on a variety of parameters. Just do your thing and have fun with it. I'm considering many factors such as the sandwich itself, presentation & originality, ingredients, creativity & community opinion and also artistic ability just to name a few. PLEASE make sure to follow the rules! They are easy to follow and help prevent the tragedy of Null entries!

  2. There are now 6 prizes. First Prize = Roughly 50% of the prize pool collected

  3. Second Prize dubbed the "Veto Vote" = Roughly 30% of the prize pool collected + the honour of selecting the following weeks second prize winner. This prize is ideally given to an entry that although it did not win the contest, showed distinction among all the other entries. This could be a feature such as it was the community favourite, it used the most bizarre ingredients, or, it was just the best looking sandwich etc. IMPORTANT! The "Veto Vote" holder may not vote on his or her own sandwich to be selected as the second prize. However, they are still eligible to win First Prize should they enter the contest that week.

  4. Third Prize Roughly 20% of the prize pool selected by either @jaybird or a guest judge.


Week 52's Veto Voter is TBD. Guest Judge 1 = @artwatch. Thank you for your participation!

  • IMPORTANT! "Veto Vote" holders must always present their final selection to @jaybird in confidence and allow the news to be revealed in an officially "Who Won Steemit Sandwich Contest" blog post. Deviation from this method will result in a forfeit of the Veto Vote and thus, the selection will be consider null and a new winner will be chosen by @jaybird.

  • Veto Voters can contact @jaybird through steemchat or discord jaybird#4732 or, an e-mail address will be provided to communicate. If for whatever reasons, the Veto Vote winner does not select an entry in the following weeks contest, I will be the default second prize selector for that week.

@jaybird reserves the right to alter the contest rules and structure as necessary.


Let The Contest Begin!


jaybird Steemit.jpg

jaybird ~


Hey @jaybird! Here's a link to my entry:

I decided to venture away from typical cuisine dishes. Thanks for the awesome contests and happy 1 year :)

IMG_3164 (1).JPG

Prize increased! Check your wallet. Messaged you with choices.... but I have to make a post?

Thanks Arty, much love and appreciation from all of us! I'll make the post wed, however once I do feel free to make your own post about your choices etc, leave it in the comments of the winners post and I'll bup it up so everyone can see it :) no pressure to do that tho!

That sandwich looks very dangerous. I reckon, 2 years of eating one a day will do it for anyone.

I agree 👊

It looks very good, I'll do it this weekend at home ...

I'll gladly take the cardiac arrest for this

yumi yumi i like that

Give me that.

Muy interesante.

Holy Crap is right ... One year already! ... Must come out of my maternity leave to participate this week ... Here is my entry:

clever picnic sammies

Aja here I am again congratulations for this year here you have my ticket I could not stop participating


Congratulations friend @jaybird and all

I do not know how much time I have competing but I love it, I'm anxious to see what there is for this week that should be in style

At least a 5-6 months i'd say. Definitely close to 20-30 sandwiches from you, maybe more ;)

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Maybe if it was somehow relevant to the contest or even food... In this context, it's just spam...

This is my first time entering, please let me know if I did anything incorrectly. Many thanks for this awesome contest! 😊

Bonus points for being the first this week with a valid entry. Nice job reading the rules lol ;)

Congrats on the 1 year anniversary @jaybird! I don't think my entry is epic enough to mark the anniversary, but I think it tastes good enough! I've been enduring a two week long holiday with my parents around china so it's been pretty hectic, but will be back to post more sandwiches up now that I'm back!

Greetings to all and especially to @jaybird who is hosting this fantastic contest !

My entry is a Pizza 🍕 Sandwich 🥪 - original made by my ma :-) many years ago :-)


Congratulations on one year of this amazing and delicious contest!!! As the late and great Warren Zevon said - "Enjoy every Sandwich". You've followed his mantra well.

Here's my entry: (grilled salmon, Jersey tomato, Thai & sweet basil chiffonade)

That is one glorious sandwich. My favorite part is the egg.

✨✨✨ Congratulations to everyone, and especially to @jaybird, that you lasted 1 year with this crazy but very super delicious contest and supported steemit, and new users, like me 😊.

I think this time, it will be hard for you to pick up the best entries, because with the attention of this post will get, many new fresh entries with good ideas will hopefully enter :-)

I appreciate your enthusiasm @avizor! We shall see, i'm not too sure how many new participants will actually have the balls to compete with you "regulars." Steep competition ;)

Congratulations on SSC's first anniversary @jaybird, very well done! I used to hate sandwiches but have developed a sandwich obsession of late, much to hubby's delight although they're sometimes weird concoctions :)

It is hard to believe that YOU specifically hated sandwiches at one point in ur life haha.


can you speak chinese?

Thx for your entry!

Amazing sandwich

Nice contest! Upvote & Follow... and I will send my entry tomorrow :)

Cool, looking forward to it.

how to win this contest any one genius who told me the answer?

Ummm, you could start by entering i

read the rules tho, so you produce a valid entry!

Oh, that's really cool sandwich, and seems to be very tasty

ohhh its yummyyyyyy.....
i will join this contest
thanks for this info......

@jaybird all this makes me hungry !!!! Creative contest :)

Wow! Those sandwiches look delicious.

It looks delicious!!

The contest is cool but what's the sole mission of the context?

To connect ppl from different walks of life who otherwise wouldn't have interacted through a friendly & silly competition :)

Such an unique and amazing contest. sandwiches are love :p moreover I am eager to participate here.My upcoming blog will definitely shine out in this contest.

Hope so! Look forward to an entry :)

Thanks... now I'm hungry... will participate next week with an awesome sandwich!!!

your sandwich 🥪looks amazinggoodluck_80_anim_gif[1].gif

@jaybird, Happy Anniversary dear may this platform take you to the next level of success.

Congratulations on your one year SSC anniversary!!!!!! Great job @Jaybird 😉 👏🏼 🍾

Thanks Donna! Appreciate the well wishes :)

woooo bro I see this pic .i love to sandwich nice pics thank

omg i just had my lunch but these sandwiches though..damn! haha!

I want to participate :D

I hope u do. Juet read the rules quick to make sure u produce a valid entry ;)

success friend @jaybird, that photo is brutally appetizing

Congrats in your year! That sandwich looks so delicious yes

I have to enter in this contest Hahaha my pride of chef need it.

I’d look forward to it. Make sure to read the rules quick so u produce a valid entry ;)

Ok my friend, i speak spanish but i read again so im not make a mistake. Have great day

Congratulations @jaybird!!! One year...that is a whole lot of sandwiches lol!

No matter what the result is, I think I'll join.

I am interested in supporting this contest , but falling short of SBD bro , but in future I will thank you bro for this update

Thx mon, I appreciate the sentiment. I believe at this point the contest really needs some major whale support to explode.

It really looks delicious!! I would love to eat it <3

you know @jaybird.... I am trying VERY hard NOT to eat bread anymore! You are KILLING ME MAN! How VERY inconsiderate of you!! :P hehehehehe

juuuust kidding!!! They all look AMAZEBALLS!!!

And CONGRATS on such a consistently successful contest!!!

Thanks Jayne & Sorry, but not sorry ;)

Sandwich looks yummy 🤤 now I gotta run to firesub 😅

@jaybird though this is first time that I read your blog, the contest seems to be amazing and fun.It will be very much fun for the sandwich lovers and they would get to know variety of other types of sandwitches.

Ya it's loaded with fun lol

FELICITACIONES!.. Que buena idea, me gusta mucho... Se puede participar, ganar y aprender hacer sandwichs... Bravo

Thanks so much!

Lol I love this. I just made a bomb ass sandwich too. I should have taken a picture!

Thx. You still have al week to make another bomb sandwich ;)

These pics made me spool hungry lol I'm going to make a sandwich now !😂

Hi hello, is this super cool your contest, can I still participate ?, would this be the week 52?

Thanks! I'm not sure how "cool" it is, however it's super fun hand hilarious :)

And ya, just read the rules for this week (52) and your'll be good.

Happy anniversary @jaybird
May this platform bring more accomplishments to you!

Wow looks delicious ..i also made it on sunday and ate with my brothers


Super steam sand-witch . wow

happy anniversary ... journey

OMG look delicious...
I'm wondering about how many calories they have?
any idea?

Who knows..a lot I'm guessing.

Happy Anniversary!! :D Should the sandwich for this week have a single candle on it? haha

If you want it to yes.. :)

Que buenos se ven esos Sandwiches @jaybird, gran concurso esperemos una participación masiva

@jaybird although that is first time that I examine your blog, the competition appears to be great and will likely be very much a laugh for the sandwich lovers and they might get to know style of other forms of sandwitches

Haha yeap pretty much called it.

Thanks buddy Hehee

wait for my entry @jaybird! I'm currently on my way to Walmart.

I am so excited to get weird with it

hello jaybird sir, very nice post,i am join steemit sandwich contest.

i dont even have a bread most of the time.

Make a lettuce wrap or, some other breadless creation ;)

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what a click

The photos have come to see the water of the tongue

Please can i have one of this??

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Wow! super Mario sandwich .

Nice sandwich bro
Please upvote me I need upvote

picture look very good

Wow so nice, this food is delicious i will like to taste it!!!

@jaybird, I gave you an upvote on your post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return and possible future votes!