My day expressed via images

in #steemitschool4 years ago (edited)


It started early morning, boy it was cold at 41F


Meeting at local coffee shop in LA
Participated on live channel at #steemitschool for more than an hour with my steemit elite online who participated on program for chat.


Drove almost 173 Miles today for couple of meetings, Sushi lunch with my kids after school


Helped my friends to sign as newbies on Steemit

Had great day overall!


helping your friends in a steemit game is a very noble job. thank @flysky

We are all open knowledge share platform here

Nice job, flysky! Keep on working more, you’ll see, the feeling is great!

Yes it is
You are my inspiration my friends

hopefully you also have a chance to teach me about the right steemit play.

No play on steemit
I post on steemit, sure I dont mind sharing what I have learned on Steemit
Enjoy my post

Thank you very much

You made an amazing content, We sould connect and support each other by follow each other. I already following you, please think about it. I already upvoted you .Thanks and greeting from @chanthasam

Good work and support

Also for kind word I invite you to

at live discord channel for #steemitschool

Thank so much for an incredible steemitscool. I just read it at the moment. I will follow what the steemit school have been educated. I try to delegated steempower to upvote to a new user that they made an amazing content, but they do not get much upvote. I do not know, how the steemit system work.

Join me at #steemitschool we have live class about all topics , so you can learn more knowledge base with us together

congratulations, hope steemitschool stay spirit.

Yes it is an amazing pioneer step to help us grow on steemit

It's great that you support kids to join Steemit and make the world better. Great job, @flysky

Steemit members only

Thank you for joining us at #steemitschool open channel linked at where i share all my posts

That's great. I'll join the community. Thanks for invitation

Be my guest ask for flysky guy

Sangat menarik dengan postingan anda. Salam sukses @flysky

Much thanks

Thank you for joining us

excellent your post dear.. @flysky... i like your post..thanks for share..

Thank you

your post so good dear flyski thanks for sharing.

Thank you my steemitschool friend

welcome..dear...friend flysky...

This is pretty creative way to share your day. Great job. :D

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