Steemit School Poetry 100 Day Challenge Day #96, Poem #94—Words not Said

Of those whose thoughts on parchment not conveyed.
Whose eyes no meaning one can glean.
Jousting with unseen intent;
the invisible pugilist;
those fiendish men.

A smile is a smile is a smile.
A nod we need but reciprocate.
Intentions we shan’t ever know.

Keep you third now on cock;
on the qui vive your ear should always be.
Who’s your friend?
Only the clairvoyant one can tell.

Form and formality bid you keep it in.
Never an utterance.
Never a word.
Never the true self the enemy shows.


A little about me and poetry

This poem is my submission to the School Poetry 100 Day Challenge hosted by @d-pend, whom I would like to thank for sponsoring this competition. He is indeed a godsend. Though a bit dubious, I would consider myself an intermediate writer of poetry. My first love is prose, so if you get a feel of something other than verse in my poetry that is why. I use poems to assist me when I have writer’s block. This strategy, however, seems to be morphing into something more serious. At least I think so.

Thanks for reading.

Poem by: @nicholas83

Date: 6/12/18

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Yeah, kim didn’t say a word I can imagine lol

Very good! I do not know if I understood the proposal. The images suggest that "someone" hides his face or does not have a face. The enemy? The false friend? The military?
"Words did not say", as a title it speaks to me of secrets, of concealment, of omission. Still, I do not reach full understanding, my brother. Give me lights!

It is saying that the real enemies are the ones you least suspect. The one who a well dressed. Have a beautiful smile and pretend that they are with you. Those I think are the most dangerous ones.

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