STEEMIT STARS - All Talent Style Competition - Prize 30 SBD , 10 DAYS - Day #1 - The Registration Is In Progress

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Steemit STARS - All talents competition is new and original global multidiscipline talents competition and unique entertainment opportunity for steemit community around the globe.
It is a talent competition that features:

sport talents
movie makers

and other talent performers of all parts of the world.

Join to our discord channel " Steemit School

Winners of the last competition :




Never seen before.
It is time,
It is spectacular.
You have Star Talent well join us Today and post your talents

Post can be

You can upload video at

Steemit Stars Talent has debacle today at your grasp.
Become part of Steemit Stars Talents

You need to be my follower
Place the photo, video or context in the comments space
Upvote this post
Resteem this post
It must be your original post
Awards relate only to this post
The competition lasts for 10 days
Only judges can vote

1st place: 15 SBD
2nd place: 10 SBD
3rd place : 5 SBD

Judges - Only judges can vote
@dobartim , @flysky , @aidasfg7

See you on the top
Believe in yourself @dobartim
Welcome to our Steemit School Discord Channel


Coming soon their's person recieve a price from you sir thanks of your creativeness to grow this community

Woow!! Would love to participate in this

Could I post the movie that I have made before?
You can see that it is movie that is made by me since I am a daily content creatoron this platform so I wouldnt be stealing anyones content.


I'm so overwhelmed.

Thanks a lot Sir....


I didn't know I could make the cut.
Thanks a lot.
I appreciate.

Can I compete again??

hey @dobartim. ive been off for a while, but im coming for the top! great contest man!

A good competition from a man with so many vision not just for Steemit but to everyone. I will see what I can do Goran, maybe come up with a video or something. Singing is not my thing :)

To everyone, good luck and #WeWinTogether

Herbert / @wdoutjah

Wow, this is impressive, I love this... Thanks for your support @dobartim

This post has received a 15.31 % upvote from @boomerang.

This an opportunity to showcase my other talents. Expect my entry soon

You got a 56.78% upvote from @mercurybot courtesy of @dobartim!

hello Mr @dobartim , can I share my video , i do workout at the gym ?


If the entry is a text or picture, what should it be about? And if it's a song recorded not a video, where should it be uploaded? Thanks.

This is really good @dobartim, the competition cuts across other areas like sport, music, dancing, art, movie and so on.

@dobartim, can i represent my drawing queen, young enough to be part of steemit, but she has amazing art & craft work

awesome! I'll have to enter :)

Thanks @dobartim for this competition. I'm a photographer and I entered the just recently concluded competition with display of my photography skills and I was that I didn't win.
For this competition however I'm switching over to singing. I love music, especially gospel music.
My entry for this competition is a video of me singing. I hope you like

Hy! I am a bot and I find your post valuable for the art community! Thanks for great post! I follow you!

Good your post

This is me doing one of the B-boy/Breakdancing stances. This genre is my greatest love in terms of dancing.

"Break a leg"
"No pain. no gain."

Who says B-boying is only for the boys? ;)


Thank you sir @dobartim for always initiating a lovely contests like this. It really helps us a lot to show our silent talents. You've been our "talent scout" to boost ourselves. Please keep considering us by your good works. <3


The singing of the birds at dawn,
the whistling of the winds at morn,
the early cries of the cock,
which is the alarm of the block,
harmonizes to nature's melody.

The buzzing of the honey bees,
the sound of the cerulean seas,
the rattling of the whistling pines,
the echo at the earth's mines,
all harmonize to nature's melody.

The croaking of the frogs at dusk,
the grunting of the horny musk,
the nocturnal chirping of cricket
that plays as lions crunch prey's brisket,
contributes to harmonize nature's melody

How crude and simple nature is,
yet its music make the mind at ease,
so perfect the sounds are to my ear,
than any man-made music I may hear,
'cos of the purity of it's melody.

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