❤️ How has Steemit Profoundly changed my Life? (Steemit Ultimate Challenge 8 Weeks - Week #4) ❤️

This topic "how has Steemit communication changed my life?" was presented by @dobartim in his #Steemitultimatechallenge, and it got me really excited to share my Steemit story with you all. So thank you @dobartim for holding such an awesome contest and for giving us a chance to share with our community and hopefully inspire others.


I joined Steemit May 2017, not having any clue to what I was getting myself into. I had no idea what anything was... words like "hardfork, whales, minnows, witness" were completely foreign to me and bizarre. I was thinking to myself... did I just enter La La land? Although, I was utterly confused, I stuck around. After the first week of being on Steemit, I became addicted. It was fun for me to blog and share my ideas, and so at first it just became a fun hobby. Never in a million years, would I have guessed how Steemit changed my life and my path for 2018...

A month went by, and I soon discovered that Steemit, was much more than just a blogging site, it was a community site, where you could make real friends. One of my favorite all time authors is, @kaylinart, and when I stumbled upon her inspirational blogs I couldn't stop reading. I started to consume content like crazy, and interact with the community. I started to make friends.

I think my account is a true testament to what Steemit can do and become for people. I started with zero dollars invested, and slowly built my account through hard work and writing quality content. I've put 2k of my personal money after 5 months into Steemit. The rest, has been earned. With the help of some of my long term supporters, I was able to build up my account. Special thanks to @xaero1 @ramengirl @gtg @teamsteem @kevinwong @tamim @dtube @kpine @v4vapid @aggroed @creadordelfuturo @anomadsoul @kaylinart @charles1 @dobartim @stevenalexander @theaustrianguy @nanzo-scoop @acidyo @acromott for lifting me up. Even though I had little to nothing to give, they all willing gave with no expectation in return. Steemit is a tool that gives other people the opportunity to show kindness, give positive words of encouragement, and financially change someone's life for the better. Behind every success story, there is a village of people behind them.

About 6 months into blogging, Steemfest 2 was coming up. Due to budget, I wasn't planning on going... but then I won tickets from @blueorgy.. and I knew that I would find a way to make it happen. If there is a will, then there is a way! Attending Steemfest 2 was an eye opener and it really got the gears in my brain churning. That's when I started to see how Steemit could be used in "real life." I met so many amazing and wonderful people. During the festival, I was inspired by @surfermarly's talk about charity that was funded using Steem currency. It really got me thinking about how, Steemit could be used to touch the world around us.

Soon after Steemfest, I left my full time job, and became a full time blogger and dtuber on Steemit. I decided to take a leap of faith and pursue my dream of being a travel blogger. I've always wanted to travel the world, and share my personal stories with others. So, with a little bit of planning, I decided to travel the world with @acromott @ramengirl and @threebagsfull for 6 weeks. This incredible journey, allowed me to meet so many Steemanians from Thailand Korea and Japan. In total, I met over 50 new Steemanians in REAL life! WOW! Steemanians all around the word, took time to share their lives with us. Thank you @yoshiko for opening your home to us, cooking us dinner, and teaching us stain glass art. To @mayasiam and @earworm, thank you for taking the time to show us around Bangkok. Lastly, thank you @ramengirl for all of your love and support, I am so happy to call you my Korean sister! I don't know what I did to deserve such amazing company. I couldn't have asked for a better friend and tour guide around Asia. Soon I'll be meeting up with my "steemit crush" @teamsteem for a meet up in Canada! (you can bet on seeing some funny dtube videos with Mr. Teamsteem)

image 3.JPG
(here I am with @ramengirl and @mayasiam)

Traveling and earning money to fund my trips at the same time, would not have been possible without Steemit. Now that my account has grown a little, I am able to reach a wider audience. This left me to ponder the question, "how can I give back?" I believe that life is about paying it forward. I've had so much love and support from my friends on Steemit. Now it is my turn to give back.


Well, during my trip in Thailand, I visited an incredible non-profit called "Nature Reserve Forests." They were working to save the rainforest by planting over 1 million trees in the next year, while also saving elephants. It was my chance to test out my theory on ways to "give back." So I wrote a post, and all earnings on the post would be donated to help them adopt and save another elephant. To view this post click here. It felt so good to be able to share the story of this non profit, and to educate others about deforestation. And, what a success the post turned out to be! This post was actually my second highest payout of all time! WOW! It was so amazing to see my community come back once again to support and help out. I hope to have more projects like this in the future.

So, I know I just told you a long story about my Steemit journey. What was the question again... ahhh the question is "how has Steemit communication changed my life?" To summarize.

  • Steemit has provided me an alternative way to make money and to continue to pursue the thing I love most, making genuine connections with people all around the world
  • Steemit has given me incredible friendships that I will be forever grateful to have
  • Steemit has given me a voice to be heard, so I can tell my story
  • Steemit has given me the opportunity to give back to others
  • Steemit has given me the ability to dream bigger

Sometimes I have to pinch myself and tell myself that my life is not a dream... Steemit is not a dream... this is real, and we all have the ability to use Steemit for the better, to empower others and ourselves.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.



@karensuestudios Wow is all I can say. Your story is inspiring and yet the word inspiration does not do much justice in expressing how inspired I am after reading your story. Be rest assured that your story has touched, is touching and will continue touching lives! Thanks for sharing, I'd go ahead and resteem this as well as follow you.

This is a truly inspiring story @karensuestudios ....Thanks @slimdame for resteeming this and giving me the opportunity to read this wonderful story....i will draw strength from this tale and continue to chase the dreams and goals that brought me to this community in the 1st place.... @karensuestudios, u have earned another follower and i will resteem this tale to my folks for all to learn...cheers

You're welcome bro, I couldn't miss out on the opportunity to share @karensuestudios inspiring story. I'm glad that you feel inspired too. I feel like her story is particularly relateable and motivational at this point in our respective steemit journeys...Cheers to good times, lovely contributions and great connections in the steemit community!

Wow! Thank you for sharing how you felt. It totally brought a big smile to my face. :) thank you for the resteem ❤️❤️❤️

Awww...glad that my reply put a smile on your face. :) You're welcome. Mind if I ask how you're able to add emoticons to your posts? I'm a newbie learning the ropes lol

no problem! I use this site :https://emojipedia.org/ To find all my fun emojis! Enjoy!

Thank you sooo much! I appreciate. Cheers!

Very nice post! thanks for the thanks also!!! 😆 wish you continued success!

Awww my dearest 01! You have always been the #1 supporter, and I still cannot thank you enough ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Big hugs

amazing and inspiring . It explains why steemit exists. Great story

@karensuestudios, I had a smile on my face throughout the reading of your post! Your story was refreshing and most of all very inspirational! You are young, talented and full of spunk and spark to share! I can totally related to the knowing-nothing-about-Steemit when you first got here! So hearing about your journey since then is a wonderful story, indeed!

I have resteemed and upvoted! Good luck to you!

Awww! I love reading your comment! It totally put a smile on my face. Thank you ❤️

I love this! I'm so glad that you joined Steemit :) You are by far one of my most favorite people on here! I Need to take the plunge that you did and start traveling more! Hehe.
I hope we can meet soon!

awww!! I can't wait for you to visit California!

It's truly amazing how far you've gone :D! it really is a dream came true to be travelling, blogging, having fun and getting paid for that :D!!! you're a very funny lady and your story is very inspiring. That will give us the motivation to keep giving our best in steemit :)
Thanks for all the great content you share with us :)

Yes, I feel so lucky to have found such a wonderful community 🙃 hehe!!

Your steemit story is so interesting and inspiring. I really love steemit and have decided to dedicate my whole time into it. I can proudly say I am now a full time blogger on steemit! Am living the life of my dream and doing awesome here. Am glad to meet you here karen.

Aww that’s so awesome! That’s such an exciting feeling! Steemit gives no us so much freedom! ❤️

You're definitely an inspiration to many, Karen! I hope you'll win the challenge. Thanks for the mention! In a couple of weeks we'll be planning the next charity event, all paid with donations from Steem :-)
Keep being awesome

awww! So good to hear from you! :) I cannot wait to see your post, I'll be on the look out! :) Those kids will have big smiles. :)

Hey Karen - Really inspiring - especially since we have been on here since kinda the same date :) 2017 was great, let's see what 2018 brings!
I see you travel to a lot of meetups - Maybe you will be able to hit up Austria or Germany as well once! It's beautiful, I promise ;)

OMGSH! When I visit one day, you will totally have to show me around! EKK! I feel like we are in the same graduating class! Awesome to have a buddy that started at the same time :)

True words - But the question is - when do we graduate :P?

Ahhh a student is a lifetime learner! 😝

You have been one of the most motivational individuals here on steemit! When I first joined I was wowed by you!! So happy I followed you and I’m able to be inspired by you everyday.

awwww! Paola you are just a sweetheart too! When I found your blog, @polebird @acromott and I were so excited! We kept talking about you and Spencer :)

Hello, Karen. Thank you for sharing your story about how Steemit change you life because I feel the same too. I'm are very proud of you and other Steemians who have built community that gives people opportunities in real, it's useful and very kind. I think Steemit is like a country where you can live, this is not a dream! I'm happy that we met thanks to Steemit! I hope to see you again, too. ;)❤️

heheh you are totally right! It's freedom country! :)

Yes, meeting you is on the list of things I love about Steemit!

Wow, you're story is very inspirational especially me as a minnow here on this platform, I know you still have so many experiences in life that have to be shared with us, and I am looking forward to your future posts.

Thank you for sharing your story =)


Awww! I’m excited for the adventures that awaits you on Steemit! ❤️

Oh, thank you so much @karensuestudios for inspiring me =)

Keep Steeming have a good one :)

Congrats on your journey! It was a lot of fun to part of it!

I can't wait to see next month! That will be pretty epic!


hehehe! The countdown... :) Can't wait! Je tiem Teamsteem!

You are really nice to see and your post is also beautiful. Thank you very much for sharing a great article with us.

Wow!Kawaii!!!Good pic:)

splendid & terrific!

Beautifully representing my friend 🐶

I like you're activities and would like too say you well done.... Keep continue too written those type of valuable content.

Best of luck! 🐼

beautiful smile. im crush on you😍

Hi @karensuestudios I am happy for you and you are just living with your dreams. Enjoy steeming and I hope that steemit brings more success for us all.

Aww it’s so good to hear from you! ❤️

So enjoyable nice meeting.I am very glad to seen your sharing moment.I mean it is a message from steemins.I appreciate your work and so thanks for sharing this blog

aww no problem! I'm glad you enjoyed the read.

I'm so glad that you joined Steemit .
I like you're activities and would like
Happy travels!

Quite a Positive and desired Change if you asked me. Steemit community is doing wonders with Awesome people in here.
I think you are contributing a lot to other Steemians and none steemians too.
I need to write my post on this.

Awww do it! Let me know when it’s done, I can’t wait to read it.

I will surely do.

Hello, I am glad to know that I found in Steemit a great support I am just starting and I still feel disoriented but good with effort and work I hope to achieve it thanks for sharing your story, I leave my vote and I follow you ... I invite you to see my blog may interest you something, successes.

good friends for you, thanks for sharing @karesuestudios

hehe! I love my Steemit friends.

Wow congratulations for your beautiful journey in this community.you are the great inspiration for the people.Thanks for your story.

Wow, your journey is both amazing and inspiring :)

Your story is inspirational! I enjoyed reading it. I am still new to steemit, and I hope my posts about health and well being can help people as well. I also create my own relaxation music, so the goal is to be able to become financially free with multiple sources of income. I followed you! Looking forward to more of your posts.

Ohh so awesome! You should share our music on dtube!

It looks like it changed you to better if I can notice. :D Although it's kinda mysterious seeing all that support and so much good people around you suddenly. Besides, you can earn fine amount of money doing just what you love with people you like. Have a nice day - @tonac :)

astonishing & astonishing!

Congratulations! I'm glad that everything's working out well for you. What a goal it must be to quit your job and travel the world instead... wow! I wish you all the best for the future and good luck at the contest!

Aww thank you so much! I feel very lucky! ❤️

To read this just on the point I'm balancing between Like-Steemit or No-Steemit is very uplifting. Thanks to pull me away from the edge ;)

awww! :) I know Steemit is not perfect, but there is also so much good to Steemit :)

Congratulations on your steemit success and for sharing your steemit journey with us!

Awesome story! Truly inspiring! I could definitely relate to those beginnings. They're happening for me right now! Haha! I have no idea what any of those words mean and this first official week on Steemit has been full of new information and trying to get the hang of things. Thanks again for this post. It's motivational and reminded that we have to start somewhere. Thanks again, Karen! :)

I'm so excited for your journey! It's going to be a fun one :)

Thank you! So am I :)

so touched....steemit gave us so many opportunity , friend and happiness~!!

yes! Isn't it so cool how we met and also became friends :)

Very inspirational, indeed, Karen! I'm very happy for you and I hope we will hang out soon somewhere in the world. :)

Yes! When is our next trip happening? :)

Hopefully at some point this year. :)

What an incredibly fun story! I love hearing how Steem is making people's dreams come true! Happy travels!

thank you so much! :)

wow very interesting especially with its very beautiful person:-) @karensuestudios

Happy for you. You take really nice pictures. You are photogenic. Nice. Joy

It is a wonderful article .. to be determined and to achieve that is great ..

Awesome story! 😊
I'm going to write one soon too. This is inspiring

that's great. this post have given me so many inspiration. thank you

You're a big motivation to us newbies on here to make connections and friends on here to lift each other up and eventually meet in real life. Awesome.

aww that would be amazing! I have really enjoyed meeting all of the Steemanians at different meet ups! :)

hope steemit changes mine too as a newbie

Hi @karensuestudios, I hope one day you can also visit here in Philippines to meet you in person and meet our Steemit Philippines Family :) ♥

♥ Thank you for the inspiration. More blessing to come! ♥

(I've just found your blog here on #Steemit since I've joined just over a month ago!)

Your story is very inspiring! I see the potential in Steemit to make a great difference in a lot of areas that I care about with respect to the way things are in the world today! I found your story to be very encouraging! There are so many people who seem to be complaining about the way things are on this platform, but I think you have proven that it could really be all about the attitude one has in general. I'm glad to know you have found a community of people who cared and helped you to succeed!

Beautiful Ladies, and amazing Elephant! Thank you for sharing your photos from your trip! @teemsteam seems like a really genuine guy! Have fun on your trip to Canada!

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