Steemit-United Daily Upvote Report (2019-10-14)

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Hi Steemit,
this is the daily upvote statistic report of the main a/c Steemit-United.

The upvotes of the last 24h are as following:

@lloyddavisGentle GuidanceLink
@laputisMy Actifit Report Card: OctoberLink
@djusti쿵푸보이 - 공주를 구하기 위해 용감한 소년 ‘초탄’과 쿵Link
@answerswithjoeThe Nuclear Rockets That Could GLink
@morkrockMemeLogic - Every Voice MattersLink
@dosdudes#239 dosdudes is proud to presenLink
@onthehook8Bitcoin Will End the Reign of ‘DLink
@kibumh카카생각 #10 믿음의 크기 .. 믿음에 종류 ..Link
@error404frLive Report : VOLBEAT @Olympia -Link
@lalala🏅 Daily Update Steemit Top UseLink
@contestkingsContest Kings Verified - 14th OcLink
@webbotreaderAg - The Stress Is Still Here!Link
@centering혹시 필요한건 무료나눔 갑니다 ㅎㅎLink
@intrepidsurferDeeper and deeper into disbeliefLink
@marketreportCRITICAL UPDATES: China Says "NOLink
@taskmaster4450Marketplaces: The Key To AdoptioLink
@dorian-lee도리안의 일기 #331 - 딸기잼, 사과잼 쿠키에 얽힌 추Link
@gghite(테이스팀) 포스팅을 위해 다시 찾은 도너츠 맛집 - 용꽈Link
@goldendawneUlog 157: Dehydrating EXTRA MushLink
@blind-spotGlowing tips of the dwindling meLink
@slowwalkerEntrance to the Bongensa temple,Link
@ronaldoavelino# 582 - 1976 Olympic Coins - ParLink
@cryptospa🎥 Cryptocurrency Market OverviewLink
@markangeltruemanBuilding a photography macro raiLink
@anaerwuSend in the clowns about ”Joker”Link
@ronaldoavelino502 - John McLeanLink
@memetecaRomántico y todo, pero la realidLink
@sonki999TipU가 핫하다 보팅 게임 즐기는 법Link
@pardinusRunning under a full moonLink
@borjanThe discreet charm of abandonedLink
@roadstoriesClosing my eyes to dream once moLink
@siamcatA Perfect Home 💕Link
@glory7스몬 우승과 예선 탈락Link
@hallmannFotoplastykon #713: TarnówLink
@wonsamaflutter 플러터 금주의 위젯 #01 safeareLink
@hafizullahTravel for Watching, Learning anLink
@new-jerseysagoda 겨울철 독감 예방주사. 여러분의 선택은?Link
@maneco64Shanghai Physical Gold Market inLink
@veronicalee보팅에 대한 의문점Link
@tobetadaIn The Cathedral #2Link
@tradingideas합격 쌀 구매Link
@detlevsome #MondayMotivation from BerlLink
@kaminchanDeleted! Don’t. Vote!Link
@elsiekjayWhat Are Your SMT'S ExpectationsLink
@miti@miti Curation Project: Daily reLink
@mastergerundDaily Quest Reward: Champion IILink
@kingsmindDid you play Lego batman ?Link
@brian.rrrWeekend RecapLink
@alexvanSteemmonsters Experiment - FromLink
@silveringots1oz Vintage Silver Round - For SLink
@twinpapatipU 이것도 짱구를 굴려야 되는군요.Link
@broncnutzBroncos Win! Live Stream.Link
@galenkpAussies in New Zealand: On the sLink
@kaylee.nicoleStay TunedLink
@skuld2000중국 SF 블록버스터 - 상해보루(上海堡垒) 리뷰Link
@elizachengMy Vlog Journey Day 55: Random sLink
@cryptopieIt's Dialysis Day Again And I AmLink
@tasquai즐거운 하루 되세요!Link
@jayplayco스플린터랜드 킥스타터 업데이트Link
@oldstone가장 중요한 정치의 역할, 우선순서를 정하는 것Link
@jaybirdMusic for Dance - Dtube SeriesLink
@sergiomendesI guess I need Your help. I don'Link
@whalestrailInforme diario Whalestrail 13/10Link
@cryptospaMy Actifit Report Card: OctoberLink
@ssekuljiTanak tested with Toyota ahead oLink
@maneco64Time for Wealth Preservation andLink
@karenb54Its that season again 🤧🤧 CoughsLink
@taskmaster4450Change In Steem Distribution LevLink
@serezeMy Actifit Report Card: OctoberLink
@cryptopieI Am Searching For Ways In Not SLink
@hallmannŁyk Herberta #8: Ręce moich przoLink
@kaminchanMarket Friday: local village faiLink
@silverd510Pirate Sunday.....Link
@johannpiberGolden Sunrise / Goldener SonnenLink
@stortebekerLow-cost, Natural, Healthy SoftLink
@spi-postitPostIT - n.542Link
@gguy773My Vegan BBQ FeastLink
@pushpedalNew look after 19 months of cyclLink
@lalalaDaily Top voter 2019-10-11Link
@khimgohGetting Fit for SteemFest with ALink
@jrvacationAAA Review - Raising Dion - NetfLink
@dbrozeThis Is How The Ruling Class ConLink
@tradingideas암호화폐 SCT, SCTM, SPT 그리고 DECLink
@scaredycatguideChainLink (LINK) Price SearchingLink
@lovelyyeon.sct덕후의 이야기 #커머스 : 포도즙 + 사과즙 + 석류즙Link

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