Steemit-United Daily Upvote Report (2019-10-22)

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Hi Steemit,
this is the daily upvote statistic report of the main a/c Steemit-United.

The upvotes of the last 24h are as following:

@djusti우아한 가 드라마 - 거대한 기업의 부를 유지하기 위해Link
@alexvanFirst steps of investing - expanLink
@ninjavideoEP249 - Training while injuredLink
@answerswithjoe5 Ways That The Rest Of The WorlLink
@lalala🏅 Daily Update Steemit Top UseLink
@taskmaster4450Will The DAO Change The ConceptLink
@davidpakmanHillary's Attacks Are the Best TLink
@gghite(트립스팀) 제주에서는 일상이 여행입니다 - 산책 나갔다가Link
@elizachengTree TuesdayLink
@intrepidsurferSteem 2020, what will you do?Link
@marketreportMASSIVE Inflation Cover-Up.. AnLink
@corbettreportBlowing the Whistle on 9/11 - JaLink
@jodipamungkasCode Vein - Cathedral of The SaLink
@sportfreiChampions League, Atletico vs. LLink
@deer3ORG 귤토큰 사용 극조생귤 구매 후기Link
@ronaldoavelino# 594 - 1976 Olympic Coins - ParLink
@kaminchanMarket Friday: local boat race iLink
@skramattersStoopidSteem Update! 🤖 😍Link
@ronaldoavelino510 - TitanicLink
@sergiomendesJust back at work for another shLink
@slowwalkerThe Giant Mireuk(Maitreya) BuddhLink
@twinpapa현돈 생고기Link
@exyleGoing home from London and I'm gLink
@hallmannPower down dla Biskupiej. RaportLink
@detlevPayout BeerSaturday - Week 110 WLink
@glory7스몬 어쩌다... 골레 또 만렙Link
@memetecaLa mejor del mundoLink
@borjanTrippy Thursday - THE TRIPPING TLink
@maneco64Did You Know the Fed Had an EmerLink
@blind-spotWeightlifting eyelids.Link
@elsiekjayBelieve in Yourself It's ContagiLink
@cryptospaMy Actifit Report Card: OctoberLink
@bji1203스몬) 처음 나올땐 사기일줄 알았는데 그저 그런 DragoLink
@hafizullahMy True FeelingsLink
@wideoprezentacjePolska Bezbronna Przed Rosją KonLink
@miti@miti Curation Project: Daily reLink
@sonki999무서운 기세의 코인 거래소 BKEX, 그리고 BKKLink
@lovelyyeon.sct덕후의 투자OTC #관점 : KRWP의 특징과 유의Link
@silveringotsPersonal Favorite...Link
@kibumh카카에 부자되기 #3 스몬으로 부자되기!!Link
@kingsmindInteresting video about Trips onLink
@new-jerseysagoda 당신은 착한 사람입니까?Link
@broncnutzA Rodeo Broke Out At The FootbalLink
@skuld2000중국 양꼬치의 맛 그대로... 발해 양꼬치Link
@world-travel-proTravel Pro Tour of Cusco's AncieLink
@tradingideaszzan 구수한 누릉지 향이 집안 가득Link
@mastergerundDaily Quest Reward: Diamond ILink
@cryptopieMy Dialysis Session Allocation FLink
@galenkpA vacation horror storyLink
@fur2002ks그라운드X '클레이튼 거버넌스 위원회'에 바이낸스 합류Link
@bji1203스몬) 마나 2코스트 꿀 카드 하피, 상대적 너프?Link
@kiwifi상업용 무료 폰트소개 (손글씨 4종)Link
@jayplayco스플린터랜드 스케일링과 Mass Adoptation을Link
@tradingideassctm 소각과정Link
@oldstonewe-together 순도 100% 메밀국수이야기. 시식하Link
@whalestrailInforme diario Whalestrail 21/10Link
@extractum-lunaeDoes true love exist?Link
@karenb54On the mend and feeling better..Link
@traveljack894La mia carta resoconto Actifit:Link
@spi-postitPostIT - n.550Link
@cyberrn.zzangPromise-trust #13~14 BuyZZAN10Link
@ssekuljiOgier to quit WRC after season 2Link
@cryptopassionBTC - Pausing on the support linLink
@stortebekerThe First Hip-Hop I Actually LikLink
@barbara-orenyaOh my deer ! colorful painting ^Link
@detlevSome really different food in thLink
@tobetadaSpider MagicLink
@jaybirdMusic for Dance - Dtube SeriesLink
@silverd510Monday oh Monday.....Link
@mcfsOnion Rings Recipe Quick and ELink
@mvdNew Catrice Crystallized Rose QuLink
@johannpiberThe lake is dry / Der See ist trLink
@ror.payROR 게임 보상풀은 11월 초 작동 예정입니다.Link
@healthandfitnessEating out-Day 46 slimming journLink
@vincentnijmanI saw Saw ET and IT - Now did ILink
@ukkYou say AI, AI, AI every day!Link
@answerswithjoeThe Evolution Of The SpaceX StarLink
@city-of-berlinLet tgere be lightLink

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