Steemit-United Daily Upvote Report (2019-10-29)

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Hi Steemit,
this is the daily upvote statistic report of the main a/c Steemit-United.

The upvotes of the last 24h are as following:

@cryptospa🎥 Cryptocurrency Market OverviewLink
@alexvanThe right answer for the contestLink
@tradingideas일상 타이거우즈 우승 : PGA 통산 82승Link
@cyberrn.zzangPromise-trust #22 BuyZZAN100-1Link
@consciousangel7How My Intuition Led Me to SaveLink
@roadstoriesStory: what I lost onceLink
@centering역시 무지개가 짱이야!!!Link
@kibumh카카 뻘소리 이 공간에서 활동하며 생긴 고민!! 누가Link
@davidpakmanBREAKING: Trump Situation Room PLink
@deer3Nextcolony 현금흐름이 좋지는 않음Link
@gghite(#60 영화 리뷰) 영화 보는 내내 배고파 죽는 줄 -Link
@lalala🏅 Daily Update Steemit Top UseLink
@ninjavideoEP253 - The side effects fromLink
@world-travel-proReal Life Captured #277: SalinasLink
@ronaldoavelino# 602 - 1976 Olympic Coins - ParLink
@glory7Nextcolony 탐색의 시대Link
@taskmaster4450Could There Be A Massive ExplosiLink
@jodipamungkasCode Vein - Successor of The RibLink
@elsiekjayIt's Okay to Take Breaks SometimLink
@sergiomendesWe are made of many layers justLink
@dorian-lee도리안의 일기 #356 - 찍어보고 싶었던 초현실주의적인Link
@ronaldoavelino517 - Comemorativos Alemães - PaLink
@sportfreiDFB Pokal, some matchesLink
@slowwalkerReflections on Beauty and Ugly,Link
@contestkingsContest Kings Verified - 27th OcLink
@jungjunghoon사고다에 묻습니다 AAA이벤트를 계속 해야 할까요?Link
@hallmannPower down dla Biskupiej. RaportLink
@dodoim감이 익어가는 소리Link
@kaminchanPeople Photography week 44: FrieLink
@maneco64The Fundamentals of the Bond MarLink
@corbettreportSomething Big Has Happened!Link
@hafizullahWhich type of Vlog you like forLink
@miti@miti Curation Project: Daily reLink
@kingsmindSilicon Valley Final Season StarLink
@sonki999중국발 암호화 화폐 관련 훈풍, 비트코인에 대한 훈풍이 맞Link
@bji1203스몬) 시즌 종료가 이틀 밖에 남지 않았네요, TOP 10Link
@jayplaycoSteem 커뮤니티의 움직임 - 스팀 파운데이션 / 보Link
@tobetadaTraveling Through Paintings #25Link
@skuld2000초밥과 피자 파스타를 한자리에서 - 피쉬 콜라보Link
@oldstoneCCID의 스팀에 대한 평가의 의미Link
@pardinusHaunted woodsLink
@scaredycatguideThe U.S. Stock Market Made New HLink
@galenkpMotel review - Not going backLink
@fur2002ks잠시 쉬어가시죠? ㅎㅎLink
@bji1203스몬 골드카드 가격 유지 가능할까? 스팀(STEEM)은 상Link
@new-jerseysagoda 김장철입니다.Link
@cryptopieIt Is Thanksgiving Day Today AndLink
@kiwifi양자물리학 : 재밌다는게 반전인 영화Link
@lovelyyeon.sct덕후의 이야기 #상상 : 생태계 활동과 사업영역 2Link
@djusti복면 달호 - 락가수, 트로트로 전국 평정!Link
@whalestrailInforme diario Whalestrail 28/10Link
@jungjunghoon(종료)AAA이벤트 - 아자아자 월요일 주사위를 돌리면Link
@virus707BTC, STEEM, SBD... 괜찮은 상승..Link
@twinpapa시원한 아침 입니다~Link
@karenb54We are ready for the fitters tomLink
@abh12345Ready for winter?Link
@paradigmprospectPatience, Faith & Self-Love WereLink
@ssekuljiOstberg won WRC2 class at WRC RaLink
@city-of-berlinTetris windowsLink
@broncnutzWhen "Big Time" Players Don't MaLink
@detlevSteemFest 3 - A walk back into tLink
@blind-spotMasterpiece - Decode.Link
@spi-postitPostIT - n.557Link
@ror.payRoad of Rich 무역 시스템 개발 / ROR 게임Link
@sergiomendesIt's cold outside! ❄Link
@mcfschicken with curry recipe ReciLink
@barbara-orenyaCreating a new postcard with myLink
@johannpiberBefore Sunrise on the Mountain /Link
@mvdKryolan Viva Brilliant Color PalLink
@oendertuerkDo You Like Nuts?Link
@pipouneInktober day 28 : Ride.Link
@gguy773Crunchy strip curry for fruitsanLink
@silverd510Yep, I kinda Expected It....Link
@wonsama잡설 진짜 숨쉬는 이야기Link
@artemislivesFlower Mandala & Crystal SingingLink
@pushpedalMatt's found a baby! 👶马特找到了一个孩子!Link

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