Steemit-United Daily Upvote Report (2019-11-03)

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Hi Steemit,
this is the daily upvote statistic report of the main a/c Steemit-United.

The upvotes of the last 24h are as following:

@city-of-dresdenund immer wieder Moritzburg...Link
@stortebekerHow Work Can Be Good Medicine -Link
@lloyddavisAnti-Flooding in GuildfordLink
@maneco64The Dollar Index Is No SubstitutLink
@spi-postitPostIT - n.562Link
@bji1203스몬) 토너먼트 1시간전 참가자 수 400명이네요..ㄷㄷLink
@jrvacationSplinterlands - Hodl or sell youLink
@intrepidsurferPlease hurry with communities anLink
@djusti배가본드 - VAGABOND(16부작)Link
@taskmaster4450Why It Is So Hard For People ToLink
@artemislivesNatural Teeth - Finding Our WayLink
@gghite(제주라이프 : 돌스팀) 오랜만에 인형 만들기 - 꼬마숙녀Link
@tradingideas일상 저탄고지Link
@lalala🏅 Daily Update Steemit Top UseLink
@ronaldoavelino# 607 - African Animals - Part 4Link
@raj808Promotional Poetry Sunday - SharLink
@glory7일요일 게임일기: Splinterlands, NextcolLink
@wonsama잡설) 갤럭시 폴드 출현 나비를 만나다...Link
@twinpapa킹덤- 뒤죽박죽 첫 리뷰Link
@world-travel-proTravel Pro Places of Interest #1Link
@hallmannFotoplastykon #788: Lwów/LvivLink
@kaminchanMarket Friday: lunch at the ChinLink
@scaredycatguideAdventures in Real Estate - RenoLink
@cryptospa🎥 Cryptocurrency Market OverviewLink
@pipouneEvolution of my drawing skills :Link
@abh12345The Curation and Engagement LeagLink
@ronaldoavelino522 - Caçando em HarmoniaLink
@roadstoriesRelato: lo que una vez perdíLink
@sergiomendesI guess I have a really long torLink
@sportfrei2nd Bundesliga, week 12, SundayLink
@skuld2000주말 저녁은 벨트 푸는 날Link
@sonki999넷플릭스 완전 신세계네요Link
@alexvanLifestyle challenge week #118 /Link
@elsiekjayHave You Tries Wise.Vote Yet?GreLink
@detlevSteemFest 4 - packing my stuff fLink
@dorian-lee도리안의 일기 #365 - 스팀 파워 점검 그리고 악성 댓Link
@jayplaycoCoinnews 텔레그램 SEC 이슈에도 불구하고 테스Link
@hafizullahDNCC Wonderland Park The BeauLink
@pushpedalMilan on a Shoestring BudgetLink
@miti@miti Curation Project: Daily reLink
@silveringots👀Eye Candy👀Link
@wideoprezentacjeBanki Blokują Pieniądze KlientówLink
@kingsmindMan Swaps Lubricant With HydrochLink
@bji1203스몬) 퀘스트 하루에 2회 성공, 불속성도 좋네요Link
@lovelyyeon.sct덕후의 이야기 #감성 : 산책과 이웃Link
@dodoim청평이 텅비었다.Link
@redpalestinoTimewarp Video by @redpalestinoLink
@deer3Nextcolony 업데이트, 그리고 처참한(?) 초기Link
@virus707AAA & JJM 홀더 분들에게 드리는 공지입니다^^Link
@broncnutzNow this is a costume!Link
@brian.rrrWhich Do You Use?Link
@new-jerseysagoda 차차차Link
@jaybirdMusic for Dance - Dtube SeriesLink
@slowwalkerTo Downvoters and my ex-followerLink
@dbrozeDerrick Broze on Morning DoseLink
@cryptopieAnother Day Lost In My Short-livLink
@jungjunghoon(종료)AAA이벤트 - 기분 좋은 토요일 주사위를 돌리Link
@oldstone정의용 안보실장이 북한 ICBM에 대한 언급의 저의Link
@galenkpShowcase-Sunday: Camping like aLink
@pardinusShape of waterLink
@whalestrailInforme diario Whalestrail 02/11Link
@traveljack894La mia carta resoconto Actifit:Link
@scaredycatguideSecurity Deposit and Fee Tips FoLink
@cryptopassionBTC - 9400$ resistance line testLink
@ssekuljiBreen to drive for Hyundai at WRLink
@spi-postitPostIT - n.561Link
@barbara-orenyaNovember is here with its firstLink
@vincentnijmanMore NaNoWriMo - Still going strLink
@mvdZoeva 227 Luxe Soft Definer DemoLink
@dbrozeOne Year After "Bringing Down JeLink
@johannpiberGarbage Assimilation / Müll AssiLink
@ror.pay보상풀 증가 논의 및 아이템 판매 단위 조정 이슈Link
@borjanSUMMER ADVENTURES - Episode 34 -Link
@raj808Poetic Justice (Short Fiction)Link
@stortebekerLook What I Found on Marlians!Link
@cryptospa🎥 Cryptocurrency Market OverviewLink
@intrepidsurferLearning from past experiences oLink
@pushpedalCool canal contraption 🚤 酷派通道Link
@gguy773BPM BurgerLink
@ukk스빈다 쌀Link

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