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RE: Steemit Weekly - 10-21-2018 Special Destiny Edition

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Great idea, good amount of content. How about a bit of editorial content? I was expecting some stuff about movers and shakers, arguments and rumours rather than adverts for add-ons. Follewd anyway as it was interesting. :-)


We prefer to let the audience draw their own conclusions. The only "editorial" you will get from us is our version of tl;dr.

As the publication goes on, we might consider including those suggestions.

Yes, but for me, the problem is, it looks like my local freebie paper. Full of adverts with only a couple of stories about Mrs Miggins cat going missing and the local councillor visiting the old peoples home to get his ugly mug in the paper. :-)

Just remember, this paper is free!

The editors will get together and discuss about it. Thanks for your input.

Nothing is "Free" your time and my time has value. #hugs