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RE: Steemit Weekly - 10-14-2018

Looks like we get interesting news about Steemit on a single post. Awesome! Keep it up!

Thank you @kabir88 for making a post about this. And that's how, I found out about @steemitweekly.


Be sure to catch us each week for the best picks on blockchain drama.

Thought you were going to make it a drama free zone? :p

We report drama. We don't incite it.

Drama is very important. Come here for the rewards, stay for the drama! lol...
hmm... Is that right, @kabir88? :p

Haha, it is social media after all. What society is complete without some drama? There's only so much pictures and musings on life that one can take before craving that drama! :))

haha... so true!
Have some fun, get to know each other and connect with people. Don't be too serious. It's a social media after all :)

But the money aspect adds so much more spice!

Agree with that. What we are doing here, we are rewarded financially for our effort and contribution. That's the beauty of Steem blockchain.