Haveyoubeenhere 2019 Steemitworldmap travel contest- places that suprise and comfort you?

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2019 was a year of wonderful travels for me! I posted 46 times to @steemitworldmap throughout the year. While there are some really great posts there are definitely some that stand out.

Let's start at the beginning of the year and something I love---Snow! Yes, it is a little ironic that someone that loves snow as much as I do lives in the Phoenix Valley of Arizona. Arizona does get snow up north and in February @jarvie and I headed up to Sedona right after a snow storm. The full post is Share My World: Red Rock Scenic Byway

It was incredible to see the white snow on the red rock and the blue skies. Breathtaking.
We even went off roading!

Oh and the cute snowmen all over the city.

Next let's go somewhere completely different....the Maasai Mara in Kenya. This trip was a dream come true. Since I was a small girl looking at National Geographic magazines I have wanted to go on a safari. This summer I was able to spend three weeks in Kenya for work photographing a student project for Arizona State University called GlobalResolve. I went on many safaris, or as the locals call them game drives. To me, Kenya was so much more than the animals (they were incredible). I enjoyed the people so much, they are so generous and friendly. And the best surprise was the land...it welcomed me like no place I have ever been.

Here is a small sampling of the Landscapes of Kenya

Now we will travel 6,322 miles (10,175 km) to Florence, Italy. A city packed with great art and architecture. It had been 21 years since I had been to Florence. I was so excited to go back. This time I was a better photographer too and was able to capture the incredible beauty that is Florence, Italy. It was so much fun to share this experience with my brother and sister too.

Three amazing sculpture in Florence.

For more details see Share My World: 4 words for Florence, Italy

Let's finish off with a garden post. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden. I was in Brooklyn in November for a work conference and this beautiful little garden was a short 5 minute walk from my Airbnb. I choose this post because of the memories I have walking around this gorgeous garden and sitting and thinking very important and deep thoughts. This garden will hold a special place in my memory and heart for giving me the space and time to be.

What a great contest. I am grateful for the opportunity to look back at my travels and the things I experienced, learned, saw and photographed in 2019. Some of the travels with others and some by myself. Thank you 2019....you were a year full of pain, sorrow, excitement, joy, family and friends, learning and lots and lots of pictures!

Have you been to places that surprise and comfort you?


What a great selection of posts!!

@tipu curate

Thank you. I thought about it quite a bit. I got your Christmas card when I got back from Oregon. Thank you. So cute!

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