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Crypto currencies, which marked 2017, have become a part of our lives, even though bitcoins have lost some popularity in recent months. Now the crypto money market has a moderate air.

What are the advantages of Crypto Currencies?

Speed, time savings. Crypto saves us time because it is done in seconds to transfer or receive money. It eliminates the loss of time in traditional payment systems.

Cost savings. Crypto money transfers are free for now.

No workday restriction. We can transfer anywhere from anywhere in the world 24/7. When the number of internet users is taken into consideration, the amount of these transactions may be higher than the financial markets.

It is safe. Since crypto money transfer is a sending or receiving transaction, there is no copy problem in payment transactions like credit cards to the other party. Because it is digital, there is no risk of transport.

They can be used as investment instruments. If we follow the price ups and downs closely, we can make high profit from the buy-sell transactions.

Is there a risk of crypto currencies?

Crypto coins are risky because they are not fully accepted in the world and are not placed on legal grounds. Although some companies and countries have accepted the existence of cryptopsias, some have gone to the road of prohibition.

Both the control and control request, regulation (*) of the countries' crypto coins and the volume of the crypto coins are low and the speculation causes abnormal volatility in crypto money prices. Therefore, there are risks such as those who lose their assets in a day and they cannot make a healthy investment decision.

It is also difficult to claim that there is no central bank / government behind the crypto coins and no legal ground.

Online digital wallets are at risk of theft or hacking.

The use of crypto currencies in the world

According to the site, there are 2072 crypto currencies traded in the world as of today and the value is $125,207,008,116. Bitcoin draws the head of cryptocurrency in the world with about 80%. The majority of these 888 crypto-bombs have no value other than the cryptographic exchange. If we look at the news here, one out of every three of the crypto money is missing. As the purpose of using crypto money in the world is mainly based on speculation, its purchases are made according to future price expectations.

Due to the high liquid values, the use of crypto coins in the world is increasing day by day. Some companies have started to accept payments as crypto money. Bitcoin accepts payments from Reis & Irvy’s kiosks with chain stores selling yogurt in the US. Apart from this, we can give examples of these sites that provide E-Commerce, online games, travel services such as DISH Network, Expedia, Shopify and Steam. For the first time in our country, we can say which makes E-Trade of various food products as an example of the organization that accepts payment with Bitcoin.

Nowadays, countries that formally accept crypto coins and where crypto coins are used the most are; USA, Russia, England, Estonia, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Japan, South Korea, Netherlands, Australia and Canada.


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