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Fear is an akward irrational condition that occurs due to the absence of been firm, that usually results to lost of confidence, ampathy and a lot more

Fear is a great tool of backwardness, as human journey with the fear of achieving success, a fearless man is a failure free man as the world itselfs needs risk

Humans of nowadays fears for so many reasons
*Because of there superior
*Because of the Spiritual
*Because they don't want to be haunted physically
*Because they don't no the possible outcome of there behavior

But to be successful one has to over come this by been firm

What is been firm
Been firm is defined as the strong match on ones decision, a human that is firm and upright overcome fear and then be free, because fear itself is a bondage, the same RI that starts RIsk also starts RIch
Think twice, overcome fear and stay strong

Have a pleasant weekend


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