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I have been saying that i am a multidimensional artiste and some people are saying that i'm a proud person, i am not being proud on talking about my talents but i'm being grateful and thankful to God for all the talents He gave to me. And also encouraging other talented persons like me, who thinks that one can not be a jack of all trades because there's this adage that said jack of all trades, master of none. i studied estate management in my higher institution and i was made to understand that in my field as an estate manager or a valuer that we are jack of all trades and master of all my fellow valuers can relate to this.
My names are Nwankwo Ikedi Kingsley a.k.a The Multi Talented K'NERO SF5 @iykeconero. Some of us has seen my posts on my dancing videos with my Dance crew by name #QuestionMark ?Mark , my drawing videos where i drew a bike, Jesus Christ and also Father Christmas etc. My post where i rapped and sang etc.

Now i want to talk little about my acting skills and the video below is one of my videos where i was showcasing my acting skill

I started acting drama when i was in my nursery three, i guess i was three to four years old then. This gift of acting has being in me for a long time now..... The first drama i acted was in my nursery three at St. Stephen's Nursery and Primary School, located at Umuahia Abia State Nigeria. And the title of the drama was " Farmer Farmer".
The drama talked about a young beautiful princess who rejected kings and rich men's hands in marriage, just to marry a poor young handsome man who is a farmer. He is not just a farmer but a hard working young man. And guess what..... the character of the poor young hard working farmer was played by me, myself and i @iykeconero. I can never forget that drama or the story.

The video above was my first act in Ivory Tower Theater @ Abia State University located in Uturu Abia State Nigeria.
It's an epic drama where i acted as a palace guard and i was the person who extracted the unborn baby from the mother's womb.
The prince got the princess pregnant and it's an abomination in the community. So the king ordered for the killing of the baby and the mother (the princess) his daughter. The baby was used for sacrifice for the cleansing of the land and also to pleased the gods of the land.

That's the little i can write or talk about my acting skill but sit back and relax because I am born to entertain. And my mission is to put smiles on your faces(viewer)
It's all about entertainment........

Show some love and drop your comments....
Thanks and God bless us all this year 2019.......