STEEM CAMP (The birth of New Steeming Stars)

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I'll say SteemCamp has been a great opportunity to me and am happy i grabbed it. First of all i came in contact with @kenobryan during the first face of SteemCamp. The audition was done in six(6) states, thereby pulling huge amount of crowds to the event, i choose to work with him because i see the passion he has towards his job, i am the Media Director of SteemCamp.

Right from day 1 to the last was all pakage with creativity, i knew about about SteemiT from talking to @kenobryan , i mean he introduced me to this awesome blockchain where i can make use of my creativity to impact and to raise funds for my brand. Working with him has been fun all the way and also together we discuss should i say talked about SteeemiT where he was able to make me see the big picture here in this blockchain.

However the Steem Camp Project was a blast, and i could say that this the first of its kind here in Nigeria, and its been bringing comments from all around the country.
Alot happened, i mean great things hapened that i can say that i really benefited from them,first and foremost the #introduction to SteemiT Platform, the contestants were given some tutorials about steemit and how the platform works and i can say that i really learnt alot from this class though i was the Media Director and Photographer of the whole event by then i was stil battling to get my confirmation email since i was eager to know about the platform, here is my shoot from that class..

Here you see @kenobryan given the contestants notes and word-to-word tutorials about steemit platform and how it works, they were also others guest who gave their own experience or idea rather, about Steemit.

Moving into the camp house was in grand style,i was amazed and happy, because the contestants had a suitable conducive for daily routine and even the morning exercises inside the compound since it was spacious and decent..

Contestants had the priveledges of visitation the Falcon Mangrove Park, where they learnt about nature and we are affected by them, they saw some animals and many things they didn't know or rather they've wanted to know..

Each day in the camp came with a task which was done very peaceful and happily, days came that the contestant payed visit to orphanages and school presenting gifts to the children, i would say that this was an event of the year even with the recent recession in steem price. Special thanks to all who contributed to the success of this event.


I left Aisha in the other room to check on you

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I can't really tell who is this. But kudos to a well writing promo post. You can use the #promo-steem tag next time. Very soon, will kick off full publication. Thanks

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