The Saturday SteemJet Media Radio show with @vheobong hosted by @surpassinggoogle - 3PM GMT (4PM WAT)

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Good morning to all you fantastic Steemians and Steemjet Community, i hope you all are doing good. Its Saturday again and i want to remind you guys that we are having another show again Today.
Your Radio show where you come to the show and connect with other fellow SteemJetters and go back home with giveaways and upvotes from the official @SteemJet account for participating in the show.

Today show which is a special one will be featuring @surpassinggoogle - a witness, - founder of @steemgig, author of #ulog tag on steemit and founder of His achievements on Steemit cannot be overemphasised but i can not fail to mention that he is a great Community developer. Today on the show he is going to be talking to the SteemJet community about Community development, which i feel is what we need right now in our community.

created by @dunkman

Joining him on the show is gonna to be @Vheobbong our Anchor on the show today and @profchydon will be coming in as the Co-Anchor


The goal of steemjet which is global steem adoption can only be achieved by educating the mass on the potentials of blockchain, cryptocurrency and steem. We saw the need for an avenue where this can be achieved hence steemjet radio came alive.

Community engagement creates an avenue for various steemjet departments to interact with the community, educating them on relevant topics with respect to their department and also keeping the community up to date on ongoing projects.


Join us on our Discord channel every Saturday.


@kristenantai01 - Voice of Steemjet

@profchydon (CO-ANCHOR FOR TODAY)

@vheobong (ANCHOR FOR TODAY)


For a Guide on how to use Discord

Hope to see you there

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