SteemJet community is being abused by people who is supposed to bring it up!

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A little shocking title, I give you that.

Sir @dimimp had a vision to help have the Steemjet community strong by delegating all of his SP, YES ALL OF HIS SP, towards this project. How many of you can give me an example of another account that has done this? His firm belief in the goodness of people and how they might be community driven was the reason behind this.

When I first came in too, I was super excited by the idea. I spent all my time & effort in drawing people into SteemJet as you can see from one of my recent post about being the person with the highest number of recruits brought into the community. It involved a lot of time and effort as it meant interacting with people and letting them know about the community and what it can do. I invest this time as I believe it justifies the belief @dimimp put in when he made me an SF member. I may not be able to be perfect or do everything right but I got to be doing something for the community was the belief that I had which set me at it.

I have been patiently reigning my thoughts in for the longest time, ignoring things but not anymore. I don't want this community to go astray just because certain people don't live upto the expectations.

There have been a lot of absurd posts making rounds titled "proposals" requesting for funds from @dimimp and the usage of the funds? To buy laptops, creative designing gadgets and so on. I have no doubt that these are required but hey we all have such similar requirements, we do not have to request them from @dimimp. Why don't you all make enough posts with your talents and get them yourself? I require a new laptop as the current one is very outdated, has broken panels around the display, has the bottom right corner dimmed to almost being invisible as the screen had got hit, but these are my problems, personal ones and just because I am a SteemJet SF member does not mean I raise a fund request to @dimimp for this. I post poems & works of fiction bringing in $0.5, collect them, save them and hope to make enough to buy one some day, when I do get enough after paying my bills.

But hey that's no excuse for what's happening here. I have seen many of them posts asking thousands of Steem as funds. Like, seriously?

You are an SF member with delegated SP from @dimimp but you have no "rights" to anything. Even the delegation is due to the kindness that @dimimp as a person is and his vision. Please do not set out to spoil it. Please do not tarnish the already non existent belief of a human in another of his inherent goodness.

I have no problems in anyone using their delegated SP in any way they choose. You must have earned it and would have got the right amount of SP from @dimimp. Spend it any way you choose. Even I do upvote my fav accounts maybe more often in comparison to others as they always appear in your feed. You do what you what with your delegated SP, but my problem here is with the community SP from the accounts of @steemjet & @steemjetcontests being misused.

If I am updated correctly we have over 100+ SF members! All are in different SF levels sure, but their SteemJet related posts from all of these SF members are the same, mind you I am not talking about the personal/unrelated posts but any SteemJet related/tagged posts are to be treated equally. RIGHT?

But no! That's not what I see. A selected few accounts are the ones who draw benefit from this collective SP in both @steemjet & @steemjetcontests account. What makes these posts better than/superior to/ more community driven than the others?

Answer is sadly, nothing!!!

Want an example?

Steemjet community accounts does a 100% mostly on a few selected accounts. Maybe mostly the ones who have the keys to the account or their friends, not sure as I don't know who has these keys but clearly there is a pattern.

An example you ask?

Steemjet community account SP is for posts contributing towards community or should and not personal posts. For personal posts you can use the SP delegated to you from @dimimp and the upvotes from the people on Steemit.

A post about your team performance in FIFA. I love football and watch most of the matches.

Hey , does this deserve a 100% upvote from the community SP when I save seen our people who join SJ discord post links of their hardwork like design, story or photographs and receive just a 1-5% upvote. What's the difference here? Is it the "access to the account keys"?

Another Example, you ask?

Here you go :

A four sentence comment that somehow deserved a 100% upvote again from our community SP. Justified? Again you want to upvote, do it from your own SP not from the community account.

Want to see more?

Another 100% upvote on a 2 sentence comment, where there is even a spelling error. Atleast for the spelling mistake the upvote percentage should have been reduced

Another one :

Bigger view on this you ask ? Okay, let's take the 21st of the June, the whole day as an example, these accounted to 80% of the upvotes made that day :

You get to see the number of accounts being voted right? Please do not miss out the VP as well. Seems like maybe only these accounts are worthy enough to be upvoted from all of the 100+ SF members we have, even completely forgetting the fact we have people outside the SF team as well who would be contributing and posting using the SteemJet tag.

"Nice work bro" seems to have been worthy of a 100% upvote raking in around $5 at the end of it all.

Top 5 accounts to receive the upvotes from @steemjet account :

I won't be surprised if the keys to this account is with one of the below

Top 5 accounts to receive the upvotes from the @steemjetcontests account :

Don't rest on the number of upvotes to dismiss these as if you look into the & value of the outgoing votes, all of the $2 + votes goes to mostly only these accounts and rarely to anyone else.

If @dimimp has kept you as a caretaker of these account, let's not fool him. We need to support the community.

Let's not forget than between @steemjet & @steemjetcontests account the combined SP is over 60K which instead of being put to use for the community is getting abused by the people behind this.

This is a call to all the SF members who are not part of this! I want you all to come forth, stand together and fight this abuse. If any one of you really believe in this community, I need you to support this fight.

I demand this be brought to an end.

Sir @dimimp, I need you intervention to end this! Please let me know if you need any help from my end.

I have nothing personal against any of the account but I believe community funds should not be abused! I want a change, We all keep saying SteemJet to the moon but if you let this continue, trust me we will never get anywhere. Mass adoption of Steemjet? Impossible if newcomers are not getting any help, they will give up and quit, never to return again.

I call forth the true SF members to my support. I want to rally a change. resteem if you can over and over until we bring this to sir @dimimp's notice.


@mydivathings As much as I can be moderate, I can be considerate. You have my support. I'm standing with you and I do hope you can cling to the small hope there still is for steemjet. I believe in attempts. If we try the first time, we try the second time and then multiple times. Giving up is not the key. I'm a steemjet ambassador no matter what and I will do what is right and make sure we soar higher, I can only but ask of you to hold on the my hands, there's still a glimpse of hope.... We're almost at the end of the tunnel, don't give up now.

Obviously, thank you so much @mydivathings. This issue of misuse has been going on for quite a long time. As the head of steemjet curation department i must say it has made curation difficult for myself and the rest of the team. The voting power is ALWAYS down, because of this we do not have the power to upvote every meaningful posts carrying the steemjet tag.

I wish to see this misuse come to an end soon. Hopefully, this new week ushers us into something different and exciting.

Thank you for putting this out!

I wish you luck! Thank you saying what you did. I just quit the discord server as I don't think people agree to what I have to say without mentioning how people respond. I am outta this place. Lost my faith and is surely a bit difficult to promote the community when i am not in agreement with what happens in it. Might want to hit up some of the chat earlier in the discord server to get up to date. Good luck and thank you!

Dont be my friend I am also called names for saying the truth but together we are stronger.

See, i agreed with all of your points, sir @dimimp choose to help the new members and hard-working members of Steemjet, care-taker should be treatedis like a servant. I had made atleast 25 post for Steemjet but I didn't get any upvoted from Steemjet, instead of them I'm getting upvote from the members of Steemjet. Then I quit posting for Steemjet because the time is money. Really if a strong action will not be taken then the Steemjet has 100% chances to loose their worthy workers .@mydivathings

Thank you! Like you say there are members who are not the same and definitely community driven. So don't give up, things will look good soon I hope.

I hope I will back soon when I started seeing that the upvotes are getting to the members who deserve it:).

And I appreciated you, you are upvoting every comments I seen in this post, well step taken by you to help people keep up the good work:)

Have a great day and wonderful night 😊😊:) @mydivathings

Thank you for calling on the attention of the community, maybe the security team will add this to one of it's many responsibilities to give statistics on how the vote has been distributed and who received upvotes, this way it will be difficult for these people to abuse the Steem power. I would include this in my next update. Thank you so much @mydivathings for putting our community first before any selfish desires, my team will do it's best to resolve this.


You are so so right with your observation. @sheriffakin started talking about this, if I am right, he was ignored times without numbers.

I made some designs for the Steemjet community, quite bad! But at least worthy of a recognition from the community. INot only is the post not recognized, the entry was not counted. I made a "re-reply" on the "Comprehensive list" post, neglected as expected. I don't really care. But if things continue like this, then steemjet is a......

We are words et Steem


Hello @cypher01. Thank you for your support. Firstly I apologize on behalf of the SteemJet communityfor what happened. Let not actions of a few define the community. I have gone through and upvote your Steemjet related posts for the day and from few days back. I hope @dimimp will look into this and have some changes brought about immediately

That is not even possible, @dimimp is good, some others are cool and I am not just appreciative of him, but I am even proud of him.

Thanks for the votes.

Words and Steem

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I demand this be brought to an end.

Sir @dimimp, I need you intervention to end this! Please let me know if you need any help from my end.

I have nothing personal against any of the account but I believe community funds should not be abused! I want a change, We all keep saying SteemJet to the moon but if you let this continue, trust me we will never get anywhere.

I also made a post about him saying he is a fraud, but everyone thinks I am hating, I do not take to heart their ignorance...
Thank you @mydivathings for also looking deep into this.
I will still make a full length of others like him in report for @dimimp I look forward in stripping him naked.

He obviously thinks he is the owner of the account.

Your report -and sadly- is very true!! This shouldn't be going like this.

But at the other hands these guys are doing their best to manage this project, they mayn't have a sleep (i wish) so they may think that they deserve some bonus upvotes (though their delegations of +60000 is more than enough)

I like this report!

I have no doubt on the work done by them but that doesn't give a leeway to steal from the community pool. You want some bonus, well they have their 3k-6K SP delegations from @dimimp that they can use for themselves however they choose, self vote comments, posts and whatever. On top of self upvoting with these 6K SP delegation, you can't put your hands into the community SP, specially when some of these upvotes are on nonsense comments, like seen above. There is absolutely no justification in that.

May I ask for a resteem to have this exposed to all if you believe in it?

Agreed that's the exact problem here, self upvotes on nonsense comments, i see good posts having no upvotes (at least what they deserve) or sometimes i see one of those accounts upvote with 25-30%!!

Of course i would live to resteem

Though I just this community and from what I have seen and the gospel from people about this great community made me to join. I will be glad if everyone is treated accordingly, I have started my gospel about steemjet and I made many logos in other to convince and bring people in this great community thanks for your point @mydivathings

There might be a rotten few but there are some amazing guys out there in Steemjet. @lifeofdarlington @gutzywin @jlordc amongst others embody the true meaning of this community. Work closely with them and see if you can help them out in any way. They have a vision for this community and works hard towards this. Good luck:)

Wow I will definitely check on them, but I mostly write about relationship and life challenges and sometimes write motivational post. So I don't know if it's really what the community need or should I change my nitch?

I have more or less the same concerns as @mydivathings. My issue stems not on how the SF delegatees use the delegation from @dimimp but to the inappropriate misuse of the so-called community bots (@steemjet and @steemjetcontests).

As most of you already know, not everyone have been assigned and is expected to curate or upvote steemjet contents. Some SF members are musical geniuses, talented artists and exceptional writers and is somewhat expected to focus where their talent is. So believe me if I say that I do not take issue on how you use your SP delegation (whether through self-votes or just upvoting your friends/alt accounts) as long as you can contribute to SteemJet where your talent is.

Now some people here have missed completely what this post really is all about. She is not talking about individual SP delegation but the blatant misuse of the COMMUNITY bots. I have read some discussions on Discord and WhatsApp attacking her voting patterns and I would just like to stretch out that this is not what she is aiming for (I think).

As presented by her screenshots above, it is evidently clear that the bots are being abused by some people to satisfy their own greed. The purpose of the so called community bots (@steemjet and @steemjetcontests) was to reward people for their exceptional contribution to steemjet and not just to upvote a "2 sentence comment with a typo".

Now as what @joshuaetim said on a comment above:

There are a few persons that have access to the posting keys of the Steemjet, as given out by the Steemjet Pilot who created the account.

Knowing that some people who have access to the posting keys have no self-control and discipline this is very concerning. I hereby propose to whoever created the @steemjet account (@lordjames ?), to change the key and create a small account instead that will be trailed by the @steemjet account.

Why trail?
If we use services like steemauto, we can at least prevent curators and/or people who have access to the posting keys to use the @steemjet account to upvote "comments" and to only upvote exceptional blog posts.

The problem with lots of people holding the key to one account, is when issues like this arises it's hard to pin-point who will take the responsibility.

Also, after this I would probably be attack as well by some people and they will also do some investigation on how I used the delegation. To make it easier for you guys here's mine:


Most of the accounts I voted for the last 2 weeks have been community projects I support. These projects aims to support content creators such as myself. I do admit that I am also getting daily upvotes from them in return. But I trust these projects and for the past months have been proven to give support to a number of people.

Message me on discord for the posting keys.
you can actually be more useful.

Please before giving the posting key to anyone, I should be informed. So I can keep tab of those with access.

I've never given it to anyone else. I have to discuss with him first before I can recommend him to you

Steemjet is just one of the communities I direct. I truly believe in giving people a chance in life. I am not blind to these issues but I have spoken to all involved and given time to see changes in behavior.

Steemjet is a young and new community and as a baby, we are learning to walk. This is not my first experience in handling issues of abuse and there are plans to work this out.

I also encourage people who have positive contributions and concerns to always share it with the community, so we can see our darkness and make effort to lighten it. Do enjoy your day.

So you support me my friend nice to hear that, its funny how you can't stand for yourself and change all this.
I wonder but I am ready to work with you no matter what, love me or hate me I will keep supporting you, I hope you do the same.

What the hell? I did notice this thing but Kept myself silent, want to know why? I was just waiting for this moment, I'm with you @mydivathings,
@steemjet and @steemjetcontests accounts should not be abused. These are the Community accounts and Should be used to help the community account, I don't know have seen my steemjet Talent hunt Reports or not, but believe me when I was upvoting newbies and the people with the amazing design, I never see upvotes from these account on those posts. Oh man! these newbies and good content creatures need supports from community accounts, but sadly that's not happening :(

I'm with you @mydivathings and i want our boss @dimimp to look into this matter :)
Thank you :)

Thank you for your support! Hope things change for all. However I have just tendered my resignation and let @dimimp know to have my SP removed.

what? why? are you giving up?

I really don't see a way forward. The guys who are in charge want to remain quiet or "let this go" as they say even though it is clear from the number of comments on this post right here that there are a lot of people who feel just what I do. Yet this continue and I cannot be a part of something where there is an "It's okay" attitude. I had spoken earlier about having some real leadership right here with defined goals and objectives set and to streamline every dept but no one wants to!
So what is in store here? I can't just trudge along just because I will have SP in my name.

What will happen if you will give up? will they stop? no miss,
Stay strong until all these fish got to an end By @dimimp.
we are with you, our support is with you, I believe soon or later our boss @dimimp will look into this matter and we will justice :)
Don't lose hope.

See what I found out this morning after saying the truth.

@lifeofdarlington @lordjames @gutzywin : Could we look at why the @steemjetcontests unfollowed @sheriffakin's account? As far as I know, no one owns this account to make changes as per one's wishes!

History is inevitable either it speaks for you or against you..
the fact you are here today doesn't mean you will there tomorrow....
Treat every one equally

Nice contribution @mydivathings

Please ma'am. @mydivathings I need an invite link to the steemjet discord community.

I already have sent him a link :)
But in case he missed it:

Yea seen it. Many thanks bro.

Thanks for standing up for what the community stands for. Sometimes we can only see and not say anything as we can't report to those in authority since they are the authority.

All relevant post to the SteemJet tag deserves a share of the community upvote not just specific accounts. Let's build up SteemJet community and not let it crash due to our naughty attitude and selfish interest.

Thank you @chri5h for your support! I have always learned that you should never cower to authority when you are right! Things needs to change if the community has to grow. May I request for a resteem if you believe in this?

Nice to meet you, thank you for your courage, thank you for this. Keep steeming and touching lives.
Glad to work with you

@mistakili sf2

Thank you for your support @mistakili! However I think I'll be away from SteemJet as people seem to have problem with it. I rather invest my effort in a place where everyone are working towards the same goal.

Just like @lordjames will say, most SF members already knew this was on going long before now, in fact, I knew about it even before I was hired by @dimimp, but we all decided to be quiet about it, with hopes that the persons you mentioned would someday call themselves to order.

It's so sad that this has gotten to this extent, and I hope there will be changes from now on!

I am @desmoniac SF 5

We should not have let it happen. At least I don't want any further part in this as long as things remain this way.

Well I'm surprised though,
You've really gathered a lot of data about this though, great findings....
I'm just shocked and short of words.

Thank you @jesse12 for your support. Yes you are right this was shocking! I was unaware of this for the longest time but now I will not remain quiet while this happens. It was about time that someone took a stand and changed the way things work here. Time for real leadership!

I'm surprised after reading this

Can you imagine how this would hurt the people who truly believe and put effort into the community?

Thank you for your comment. Please resteem if you can!

OK friend!

This is really a good observation and sad that the one's who are meant to uphold the community are the one's pulling it down all for selfish reasons. Greed is at work and all 5 should be questioned.

Thank you for your support! I shall try my best to make a change. Resteem if you can please.

This is so true. I knew it was only a matter of time before someone puts this up. There are many good posts under the steemjet tag but are being swept under the carpet. Even the contest held by the steemjet account makes sure their friends or people close to them are favoured.

It's high time we stopped this act of selfishness.

Thank you fellow SF member @dhayor for your support. I joined the community with a lot of excitement and ideas! I remember when the discord community was just only at 50 members and that too mostly wer SF members! I have helped this grow into the current 600+ members. It saddens me to see this all go to waste and it will very soon if this continues. May I request you to have this resteemed for maximum exposure so that no one gets to block this post?

Nigga you are finished.

I, not being a member of the steemjet community do not have much to say. But reading this article and seeing all the evidence laid down, I only feel that there is room for correction. The fact is, someone has to benefit from the delegated sp. But who decides which account does and which account doesn't. Sure, the amount from the sp can go round but wouldn't it be at the cost of @steemjet voting power and bandwidth??!!......

Also, i feel this should have been an "IN-HOUSE" discussion between you and @mydivathings. It would have at least showed a little bit unity and maturity in handling the matter. I suppose there's a steemjet discord channel, sort it out there......... Work It out and have fun while doing it. Much love - @msytiqueblinkx


Hit up @jlordc. Should be able to send you an invite.

I am glad you laughed! Because laugh, we all did. I am also glad that you took up time to get the voting activity of mine. But before you did that maybe you should have spent some time reading the actual content, would have saved you some time. I did say I upvote whoever I want and did not hide it.

When you say "start a dialogue", do you mean the dialogue like below that you told me :

Is that the kind of dialogue that you want to use? Then I am surely not interested, in fact should advice every well mannered people to stay as far away as possible and not speak what they think. Or let's fill SF with bots rather than actual people that might help.

People should rally against whoever is doing wrong. you have any idea how many people texted about this on the discord personally. What many fear is about making enemies with people with such high SP. I, for one, don't care about it and have no qualms in talking about what i think is wrong. War on Steemjet will not help, neither will having the few people who currently is abusing it.
Maybe you should reach some of the other comments on this post by other fellow SF members! They too seem to be fed up with the way things are happening. So is it just me or are you now going to say that I "rallied" them into posting those comments.

He is not well mannered all of them thought I was asking for steem or sbds, just to claim I have ulterior motives.
I won't keep my mouth shut until justice is serve, I have lots of proves @lordjames just won't spill them out.
I pray he is not with them also, because all this is happening right under his nose.

I feel like to type but no strength to unleash my mind. But then in one statement "those who are doing good should do good and those doing bad should do more bad, your earthly reward is with @dimimp". Pure more of your mind babe.

Being a leader and being a president of a community is two different things, I think a lot of SF members needs to read 21 irrefutable law of leadership by John maxwel.

@lordjames you are leader lead well.
Presidents, president well.
What ever you are doing do well.
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